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Avoiding The Social Media Backlash Of A Failed Relationship


In this modern age of social media and online connectivity, there no longer seems to be enough room for privacy. Well, of course, there can be room, but people find it harder and harder to keep their privacy for long. That is why social media has brought not only a different way of handling things for many people, it also ... Read More »

Maintaining A Successful Relationship


Every successful relationship comes with a history of ups and downs. It is not always smooth sailing for many successful couples. There are the usual arguments and conflicts that couples sometimes could not just avoid. The only difference between successful and not-so successful couples is the way they handle such challenges. Successful couples know how to handle and maintain their ... Read More »

Effective Communication And Your Relationship


Communication plays an important role when it comes to relationships. Couples need to have effective communication in order to share their thoughts, ideas, feelings and dreams with each other. After all, a romantic relationship is not just about emotions and feelings. It is also about understanding each other. The best way to do that is through effective communication. If you ... Read More »

Staying Calm On A First Date


Going on a first date can be a worrying experience. Some people just cannot stop but feel nervous while anticipating that day. There are many ways to help you calm down as your first date approaches. Here are some tips that might help. Do not expect too much. One way a first date can be so nerve-wracking is because of ... Read More »

Surviving a Bad Date


Many people expect some excitement when they go out on a date, especially one where they meet someone for the first time. Sometimes, there is also a tinge of concern and worry. But people expect their date to be somewhat positive most of the time. But unfortunately, some dates do not start off as what most might expect. They begin ... Read More »

Taking Care Of A New Relationship


Getting into a romantic relationship may be an exciting time for some people. However, once you get over the initial stage, you learn that it will take some work to maintain and keep. Once you start a new relationship, there are some things that you should do to keep it going. Here are some important tips to consider. Take it ... Read More »

Dealing With Dating Firsts


First dates may be exciting as well as stressful enough for many people. But there are also other things that happen in succeeding dates that can be just as stressful. There are several dating firsts that people may expect at one time or another during their date. Here are just some of them and some tips of how to deal ... Read More »

Secrets of Happy Marriages


A marriage is expected to be a lifelong commitment between people to stay in a relationship. But today, it is rare for married couples to stay together for the rest of their lives. It may be because of the convenience of divorce laws, changing moral behavior or others, but statistics of marriages going the distance is decreasing. But it is ... Read More »

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