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The People Who You Should Not End Up Marrying


People always wish to have a long lasting romantic relationship. But they usually have to go through certain challenges in order to achieve that. Besides the challenges, they need to be aware and understand each other’s differences and learn how to live with them. People are not always alike, certain types of people jive together and others just cannot stand ... Read More »

How To Avoid Sharing Too Much Information On A First Date


The first date is usually a time for introduction. It is the first time that two people try to get to know more about each other. Each one shares something about themselves. But there are times when some people tend to overshare information on a first date. Others may be forced to do so out of the persistence of their ... Read More »

Signs That Your Man Has Commitment Issues


Many women long for someone who they can spend their whole lives with. Most will long for a relationship that can ideally last a lifetime. For many women, it may be a long shot, but it is not impossible. Having a long-term relationship with someone is still possible. It is just a matter of choosing the right man. What women ... Read More »

Common Life Events That Can Hurt A Relationship


Long-term relationships go through many tough challenges along the way. Aside from trouble caused by both personal differences and conflicts, certain life events can also do damage to relationships. These are life-changing events that can occur to anyone at anytime. It may not personally have a direct association with the relationship in question. But these events can result in certain ... Read More »

Unique But True Tips Of Attraction


The art of attraction can be quite a contentious issue among people. Notwithstanding the different notions and beliefs regarding attraction, people will always have that common aim to become more attractive. This is more so evident in people who are looking for romantic relationships. The art of attraction becomes quite an important skill to master. But there are also certain ... Read More »

Signs You Are A Defensive Dater


Many people may approach dating in different ways. Some are quite open to any conversation that may come up. Some are more wary and defensive. There are quite a lot of people who may be considered as defensive daters. They are people who go on dates always looking out on the defensive. They are wary of every personal question and ... Read More »

Steps to Successful Dating


Dating always carry some risks of failing to live up to your expectations. There are certain factors that can contribute to this. In the same way, you can also work on certain factors that can help you enjoy dating success. Here are some of them. Be yourself The best way to become more successful when you date is just to ... Read More »

Reasons Your Dates Don’t Call You Back


You have been having several dates lately and you like where you stand. You get to know about other people and take the chance of discovering someone you can have a more serious relationship with. It is perfectly fine with you if the dates do not come out well. But over time, as your unsuccessful dates begin to pile up, ... Read More »

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