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Things To Remember While Going Through A Breakup

A break up is never an easy experience. People will experience hurt and pain as they try to sort out what went wrong. Trying to recover is not always an easy thing. A failed relationship will bring out the doubts, insecurities, anger and frustrations out in the open. Here are some things that you need to bear in mind as ... Read More »

How To Move On After A Breakup

A break up is a painful experience no matter how you look at it. You may feel hurt for days and it may even seem like the end of the world. Feeling the pain may be natural and normal in the days after a break up. But you do not have to dwell on it for long. You need to ... Read More »

Coping With a Breakup

Having a relationship with a man or a woman whom we feel really connected to, but realizing, in the end that it really wasn’t meant to be, is definitely a big blow. You search for answers, reasons for reconciliation, yet there is none. Your life is in shreds and pieces and there’s nothing left for you to do but to ... Read More »

Dealing with a Breakup and Getting Back Your Ex

After several months of weeping and wallowing in despair, you have decided that now is the time to move forward and get over that bitter breakup you have experienced.  You have tried a new hobby, had a new haircut, and even went on a beach weekend with your best buddies.  You have kept everything that reminded you of your ex-photos, ... Read More »

Getting Over a Breakup

If breaking up is hard to do, much more is getting over one. With all of those memories turning into unwanted baggage, one would need to be extra jaded or plain numb not to feel anything. Admittedly, it is difficult to say when you have gotten over a relationship. Sometimes you feel as though you are already completely free from ... Read More »

Surviving a Breakup

Getting into a relationship can be quite addicting, and having to breakup feels like you are undergoing severe withdrawal syndrome. As much as we would like to tell people to "get over it" but in reality, surviving a breakup is not as easy as it seems. There are different ways to get over a failed relationship, and here are some ... Read More »

Staying Friends After Breakup

The never-ending question would always reverberate on everyone’s consciousness as if it happened; it would be considered a miracle. Preserving the friendship after a painful break-up between two lovers may be too far from possibility, but both parties would persevere and cooperate, the unthinkable may still reach actualization. While we can try to throw away those bad memories, it’s actually ... Read More »

Are You Not Ready For A Relationship?

People may have different ideas on what an ideal relationship should be. Some may be on point while some may have the wrong notions. But what is more important is when a person is ready to be in a relationship, both for the first time and after a failed one. Others may think they are but may actually be not ... Read More »

How Relationships Are Better The Second Time Around

Every relationship has gone through its share of trials and challenges. The strength of a relationship can be determined by how couples go through them. Those who succeed survive the difficulties they face by working together for the sake of the relationship. Others wilt through the pressures and fail. But even during breakups, there is still a chance for relationships ... Read More »

Tips To Help You Get Over Your Ex

One of the hardest things people go through in a relationship is trying to get through a recent breakup. The emotional investment and all the other habits developed while you are still in this relationship can be very difficult to let go. Even after a break up, you might still have a hard time trying to get over an ex. ... Read More »

Common Things Guys Hide From Their Dating Profile

Online dating has become a common venue for many people today to find a date and, hopefully, a partner. But for the women, it is not always easy trying to find love online. Searching for that right guy is not always an easy task online. Many girls may be attracted to a guy based on his dating profile. But beware, ... Read More »

Signs You Are In A Relationship Rut

Many relationships go through the usual ups and downs. It is just a normal occurrence due to differences and sometimes misunderstandings. But they are usually resolved by the couple before they get worse. But a bigger problem that many couples go through is a relationship rut. After a while, some partners may feel that the relationship is going stale. They ... Read More »

Common Reasons Couples Break Up

Relationships do not always last forever. There are couples who seem perfect for each other but end breaking up. There are many reasons leading to a break up among couples. It pays to know the common ones so that those who are still in a relationship can work together to avoid the same mistakes over time. Cosmopolitan Magazine made a ... Read More »

Signs That It May Be Time To Break Up

Breaking up is a difficult decision to make. But there may come a time when you may need to dwell on this decision in your relationship. You do not decide solely out of a certain feeling you have. You need to understand and look for the signs when it may already be necessary. Here are some of the signs that ... Read More »

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