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Avoiding The Social Media Backlash Of A Failed Relationship

In this modern age of social media and online connectivity, there no longer seems to be enough room for privacy. Well, of course, there can be room, but people find it harder and harder to keep their privacy for long. That is why social media has brought not only a different way of handling things for many people, it also ... Read More »

Dating Guide Book Gets Updated with Social Media Rules

Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking services have drastically changed how we live our lives, including the norms on dating. It is unsurprising why the iconic dating book “The Rules” has been updated with new rules on how single women should take control of their love lives that they lost through social media. Published in 1995, “The Rules” centers ... Read More »

Social Media Makes Cheating In A Relationship Easier

With online social networks and social media in general becoming a popular reason why many people head on to the Web on a daily basis, it would surely have quite an influence on our daily lives. It may also affect not only individuals but their relationships as well. And surprisingly, there are now a lot of women who think that ... Read More »

Signs Your Date May Not Be Serious With You

Dating is a great way to find someone whom you can be in a relationship with someday. But there are also certain risks involved. But you sometimes have to take your chances. There are instances where you may think you already found the ideal date but end up discovering that he or she may not be serious enough to get ... Read More »

Signs You Are Too Attached To Your Partner

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Now you are into this new relationship. You are happy to be in one. But now, you seem to have this concern whether you are too attached to your new partner. Sure, you like being with each other. But there can also be such a thing as being too clingy. Doing so can be very detrimental to a relationship, especially ... Read More »

Signs You Are In A Relationship Rut

Many relationships go through the usual ups and downs. It is just a normal occurrence due to differences and sometimes misunderstandings. But they are usually resolved by the couple before they get worse. But a bigger problem that many couples go through is a relationship rut. After a while, some partners may feel that the relationship is going stale. They ... Read More »

Show A Guy You’re Interested

For women, the game of romance can be more challenging. It seems that most of them are consigned into being passive trying to wait for men to get to know them. After all, traditional ways of playing the romance game always dictates that the men should make the first move. Women who do are usually frowned upon. But that no ... Read More »

How to Spot Someone Who Has a Crush on You?

You have met this cute guy at school and he has been very friendly to you ever since. However, you just cannot help but wonder if he is just being nice to you or he actually has a crush on you. Here are some possible signs someone has a crush on you. You don’t have to check all of them ... Read More »

Be Careful About Online Dating Scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recently released a warning to the American public about the dangers of online dating scams. It sounds surprising at first, but it has to happen. After all, more people have fallen victim to conmen posing as hopeless romantics. These folks leave their victims broke both in heart and in life savings. “These criminals–who also ... Read More »

Dating Deal Breakers, According to Twitter

Dating advice can be found anywhere, especially in this age of social media where everybody with a device and an app can voice out their opinions about dating and relationships. On Thursday, the hashtag #WeAlmostDatedBut trended on Twitter and the tweeters have been dishing out their biggest deal breakers in dating. Some of the lessons we learned include never “play” ... Read More »

Dating Tips- Going Back To The Basics

Dating nowadays is more convenient for many people, thanks to technology. People can now be able to meet others simply by going online and checking out social networks and dating sites. But sometimes, this can get in the way of making genuine connections with others. The convenience also comes with certain risks. It is easier for others to deceive people ... Read More »

Pros Of Online Dating For Seniors

Online dating has become a popular means for meeting new people and developing new relationships. It may be a challenge for those who are older. Although it may be convenient, some seniors may not be familiar with the new technology. But with a bit of study and practice, they can get comfortable with trying out online dating for developing relationships. ... Read More »

Signs Marriage Is Not In The Plans Of Your Guy

Women yearn to have a relationship that matters when they hook up with guys. Most would wish for a long-term relationship that fortunately will end up in marriage. But there are some guys who do not feel that marriage is part of their plan. They do not usually make this obvious in the early stage of the relationship. But if ... Read More »

Finding More Dates At Parties

Dating is all about making connections. The ones who are more socially active usually get more dates. It all depends on your approach. Parties make a good opportunity to look for potential dates. Here are some tips to meet people and possible dates at parties. Try going to parties alone. Going alone at a party will give you more chances ... Read More »

Technology Can Damage Relationships

The success of relationships depends on the two people that take care of it. But there can be outside factors that can contribute to its demise. Technology is just one of them. We now live in a world where technology has made quite an impact in almost all aspects of our lives. It has the ability to make life more ... Read More »

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