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Suggest New Sexual Activity to Your Partner

Sex is an exciting activity, especially if it is done with a very special partner.  However, if sex becomes the same routine over and over, it can become a little bit dreary.  It may seem risky talking to your partner about experimenting on some new sexual activity, but experimenting with different ways to have sex not only keeps sex interesting ... Read More »

Common Problems in Exploring Tantric Sex

You have discovered about tantra and how it can flare up a couple’s sexuality.  You may have heard of stories about how tantric sex has enabled a couple to have sex for 17 hours straight and you want it to try it with your sexual partner.  However, as you begin to try it yourself, you realize that tantra is not ... Read More »

Sex Without Intercourse

Many conservative dating couples tend to feel wary about intimacy, fearing that it would violate their vows of not having sex until after marriage. Although sex technically pertains to penile-vaginal intercourse, there are many types of sexual behaviors that couples can use to spice up their relationship without having sexual intercourse. Intimacy through touch Touching each other in a sexual ... Read More »

Talking Dirty

There are some people who are into a relationship and find sex to be something "dirty." I do not mean the kinky kind, but the "ewww" variety. But seriously, sex and intimacy are integral parts of a successful relationship. This is where the couple "loosens up" and remove their inhibitions to show their love and devotion towards one another. Part ... Read More »

Sharing Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner

Sharing sexual fantasies can be difficult for some couples. Some people even find it easier to talk about sexual fantasies with their buddies or gal pals. However, it is important that you and your partner are able to share your sexual fantasies with each other. Even though your sex life might be amazing, sharing sexual fantasies and eventually acting it ... Read More »

What is Junk Food Sex?

Sex has become ubiquitous in people’s lives. Through time and experience, they tend to learn more of it and get to understand how it works much better. However, reports say that despite the fact that people tend to engage in various techniques so that their sex lives may improve, their relationships seem to spiral downward. Below are the reasons at ... Read More »

How Body Image Affects Sexuality

Body image does not only involve how a person’s fitness level, rather on how they look upon themselves.  It is also based on how important physical appearance is to the person, as well as how they see their real bodies when they look in the mirror.  For most part, body image is an effect of the ideals of beauty that ... Read More »

Having Cyber Sex With Someone

Men’s preoccupation with sexual activities is a known fact. Some women brush this off, seeing this as an innate facet of mens’ personalities. However, other women tend to take these things more seriously. Sexual activity in the form of cyber sex or online sex is gaining popularity among men. Online sex entails the act of surfing porn sites, going to ... Read More »

Health Benefits of Sex

Although we are living in a hi-tech world, most people see sex as something taboo or a subject to be loathed. Almost every individual misses seeing the health benefits sex has to people. The good thing about sex is that it helps us become fit both psychologically and physically. Below are ten ways on how sex can be beneficial to ... Read More »

Kick Stress with Sex

Can’t enjoy life anymore? Does your mind keep going back to your personal problems and the tensions of workplace? Here’s a guaranteed solution: Try to have sex. It’s a pity that while we recognize that stressed-out and extremely uptight people could get some welfare from a satisfying roll in the bed (or the kitchen or living room), we don’t always ... Read More »

Keeping Desire Alive in a Long Term Relationship

Desire is something that couples look up to to keep a relationship alive. Desire for each other seems to be at its high point early in every relationship. But then there is the risk that may come after that. For all love’s worth, desire may be something that has to be worked at in order to keep up and maintain, ... Read More »

Spice Up Your Relationship with Erotic Photography

Erotic photography is a real turn-on for many couples. While some are contented by just gawking at it, others go the extra mile. They grab a camera and take erotic photos of each other in different states of dress and undress – and it pays big time. Taking erotic photography can do wonders for you and you partner’s libido. Consider ... Read More »

Is Your Relationship All About Sex?

In a relationship, there are certain standards that you have to meet up to–count good sex as one. There are relationships or marriages whose very foundation is love, while for some it is more of sex. But whatever it may be, you have to be very aware of it. That is because a good foundation starts with something that you ... Read More »

Ten Ways to Ruin Your Sex Life

Do you have problems regarding your sex life? That’s definitely something that cannot be easily solved. We always wish there are quick fixes to matters of sex and intimacy. Sex itself is practical, so the solution should always be practical as well. But if we are to go for the opposite side-screwing up your sex life, that is-there sure are ... Read More »

Sex Toys 101

Gone are the days when you had no options other than your tongue, lips, palm, and fingers to bring yourself and your partner (or partners) to a mind-blowing orgasm. Now you can use dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, or penis rings for maximum satisfaction. The sex toy revolution Sex toys are fast becoming a necessity for sex. They are positive, healthy, ... Read More »

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