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Signs Your Date Is Interested In You

Attraction is one of the important things that men want to know when dating women. Men would really want to know if the woman is even remotely interested in them, even on that first meeting. Although women may not likely to say it out loud, there are other ways men can find out through non-verbal cues and body language. Here ... Read More »

Sex Drive Problems

Successful relationships also depend on intimacy between partners. A healthy sexual relationship can help make partners enjoy and cherish each other’s company. How this sexual relationship is being nurtured can play a big part on how long the relationship will last. Every relationship has its own set of problems and issues to consider. It is how both partners try to ... Read More »

Sex Advice for Older Men

Aging is part of life, and you cannot stop it from interfering with your sex life. However, there are things you can do to maintain your sexual health as you age. By communicating openly with your partner, living a healthy life, confronting sexual problems calmly, and rethinking your concept of sex, you can have a healthy sex life. Communicate openly ... Read More »

Tantra Sex: Basics for Beginners

Sex, for many people, is a moment of excitement between couples.  However, for those who seek a higher level of satisfaction through sex, you can explore the possibilities of tantric sexuality. Definition of tantra Tantra can be loosely translated as "tools for expansion."  This 1500-year-old philosophy originated in India and consists of teachings as well as practices that are specifically ... Read More »

Dealing with a Sex Addict Boyfriend

According to psychiatrists, therapists and other experts, sex addicts are people who use sex to cope with life’s stresses or medicate their feelings. The individual is incapable of stopping this kind of sexual behavior for a long time by themselves. The individual also spends a lot of time pursuing his/her sexual behavior and/or fantasies or he/she may go on sex ... Read More »

Best Sexual Positions for Men

For a newly-married couple, a honeymoon is the one activity where sex is truly pleasurable. For the uninitiated, sex helps build up their relationship, makes them get to know each other even much better and makes procreation much enjoyable. There are several sexual positions which a man and his wife can truly enjoy, but there are only few that will ... Read More »

Sex Mistakes Men Make

Some guys think they are God’s gift to women. They think they know everything there is to know about intercourse with women. Ever think that maybe you don’t? Perhaps all the information you stored in your head may contain some errors. Considering your sources, it’s almost a certainty. Why? Because after the birds-and-the-bees talk with your father, you pretty much ... Read More »

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