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Basics of Non Sexual Intimacy

Intimacy is a close, personal relationship with another person that is characterized by feelings of love and affection. Aside from this, intimacy is also closely associated with lust and amorous intents. Because of the nature of intimacy, and the people’s popular perception that intimacy can only be achieved through on a physical level, the meaning of intimacy has become tainted ... Read More »

How to Enjoy Sensual Massage

What is the largest sense organ of the body? Answer: the skin. Every time you make physical contact with your spouse or partner-whether it be a simple tap of the finger on his hand or a big hug from her-your actions stimulate a host of emotional and mental feelings. No wonder Alex Comfort, the author of the landmark publication The ... Read More »

Sex on the First Date

The idea of "Right" alone is subjective. It is because what is right for a certain person or a group of persons depends on their culture, beliefs, and their upbringing. So much so that there are different religions we call Buddhism, Christians, Islam and others. There are countries agreeing towards same sex relationship and the same sex marriage such as ... Read More »

Sex Habits of Couples

Be physically Fit The more physically fit you are, the more confident you will be of your body. Physically fitness brings about two benefits. One, it boosts your self esteem and feel more confident about yourself. Second, being physically fit makes you less prone to tiredness and also depression. These in turn, boosts your libido. Be Attractive Being attractive does ... Read More »

Sex After Conflict

Couples seem to be bothered a lot whether sex after an argument is healthy. Sometime known as make-up sex, such experiences usually seem not quite normal for others and yet may be a common occurrence among some other couples. But is it okay to engage in make up sex that follows an argument where both parties may still have some ... Read More »

How to Overcome Sex Addiction

Sexual Addiction refers to the growing disorder with regard to sexual intimacy as seen through ones sexual acts and thoughts. Such distract does not only create problem towards the addict himself but also towards the people around him especially when such addictiveness heightens. Being a sex addict does not mean that s/he will already have a weak will power to ... Read More »

Steps to Better Love Life

One big reason why people tend to be really upset when they lose someone is not only because they love him or her. It is in fact also due to the idea that they think the person that they just lost or lost is the person that they want to end up together as they grow old. We tend to ... Read More »

Sex Mistakes Men Make

Some guys think they are God’s gift to women. They think they know everything there is to know about intercourse with women. Ever think that maybe you don’t? Perhaps all the information you stored in your head may contain some errors. Considering your sources, it’s almost a certainty. Why? Because after the birds-and-the-bees talk with your father, you pretty much ... Read More »

Defining a Normal Sex Life

All people have different opinion on what can be considered "normal," especially when it comes to sex. They often argue on whether deviations from the usual sexual intercourse such as erotic spanking, oral sex, bondage, foot fetishes among others can be considered as abnormal; or if the frequency of sex can be measured as part of a normal sex life. ... Read More »

Telling Your Partner You Want Sex Abstinence

Abstinence from sex can be due to a number of reasons. In every relationship, intimacy may be required but both partners should be able to learn at what level each one may be comfortable with, especially if it is between boyfriend and girlfriend. For some people abstaining from sex before marriage is really a big deal. And most of them ... Read More »

Sexual Positions that Women Enjoy

A healthy intimacy between couples is an essential part of a healthy relationship. When it comes to sex, nowadays it has to be a "give and take" scenario. Not only sex is supposed to please the men, it should also please the woman as well by having her reach orgasm. Part of achieving this is by mastering particular sexual positions ... Read More »

The Art of Kissing

A simple kiss can actually have different meaning. It could be friendly, romantic, affectionate, or passionate. What’s important is that every time you kiss, you have to make sure that it is satisfying on both parties. But before you pucker up your lips and start learning about the art of kissing, it is best that you learn some basic guidelines ... Read More »

Saving a Loveless, Sexless Marriage

Lack of intimacy is quickly overtaking financial burdens as the main reason why a majority of married couples are having their separate ways. The absence of sex among couples does not only diminish the companionship between husband and wife, but in a way it degrades an important aspect of marriage. Let us not jump into conclusion that your husband or ... Read More »

How to Reawaken Passion

Relationships tend to lose passion as it goes on, and you may need to make a conscious effort to re-ignite the spark in your bond and reawaken the passion for each other. It may take elaborate plans and gestures, and sometimes it may be small, seemingly insignificant things that can help you ignite your passion anew. Plan a romantic getaway ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Sex Drive

Kicking your sex life to a higher notch not only would do wonders to your partner, but also improves your health. As they say, a healthy body makes a healthy sex drive. Here are some great tips that you should follow. Consider circulation-enhancing dishes Foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids like mackerel, salmon, and wild salmon, make your ... Read More »

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