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Should You Break Up With Your Fiance

Relationship is about growing up, sharing what you have with your partner as the time pass by for the both of you. Relationship or rather having a commitment is not about making your partner your world but merely sharing yours with hers and hers with yours so to have growth. Being with someone is really fantastic. You will get to ... Read More »

Things You Need to Know About Breaking Up

There are several reasons one can count or rather suppose why particular sad affairs such as breakups occur in our lives. Breakups occur because one fell out of love with the other party, trust issues, wrong timing, career and others. It happens for so many reasons with the same effect which is a broke romantic relationship. The most awful part ... Read More »

How Video Game Addiction Can Ruin Relationships

Just like any type of man-made entertainment, video games aim to engage a person to a certain activity for enjoyment. And just like any other entertaining activity, there are risks that they can become an addiction. Video game addiction is just one of those newly discovered problems affecting a lot of males today. Video games, whether it be online games, ... Read More »

Taking a Break from Dating

If we are going to use pop television as a source for analogy, the Ally McBeal in us sometimes compels us to force out our inner Johnny Bravo. That did not make any sense, but neither does half of the people we meet and consider as date potential. Suffering from a dating slump just might mean you need to take ... Read More »

Surviving a Break Up

There are many reasons why a romantic relationship has to end. If you feel that the spark in your relationship has died down, maybe it is time for you to breakup. Yes, feelings will get hurt, but it’s better to be honest about your emotions rather than keeping an unhealthy relationship for practical reasons. Remember that it is best to ... Read More »

Breaking Up with a Psycho

Here is a scenario. She has been acting odd lately, becoming uncontrollable and unpredictable. She starts to wantonly demand things from you that you could not deliver. It starts to freak you. You want your way out. She then goes crazy insane. What do you do? There is this guy. At first, he was a gentleman, a knight in shining ... Read More »

Surviving a Breakup

Getting into a relationship can be quite addicting, and having to breakup feels like you are undergoing severe withdrawal syndrome. As much as we would like to tell people to "get over it" but in reality, surviving a breakup is not as easy as it seems. There are different ways to get over a failed relationship, and here are some ... Read More »

Surviving the First Fight

Your first fight during the relationship can be straining and scary at the same time. Just when you think that everything about your lover can be so perfect, there would come a time when frictions would start to flare. However, avoiding an argument is not a good option either. If you are going through a conflicting phase of your romantic ... Read More »

Ending the Relationship

Both of you thought it will never end, but it has to. It was never simple. It never will be. Whether in marriage or in a committed relationship, there are times when things do not go as planned, thus, you have to sever the ties. Most of the time it will never be pretty. Good for you if things ended ... Read More »

Staying Friends with an Ex

As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. So does staying friends with the ex. Sure, there were good moments scattered in your memory that you do not want to do an "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"on and these good thoughts are what you hang on to and hope that is just does not end there. You ... Read More »

Leaving a Past Relationship Behind

Getting over a failed relationship is painful, no matter how much we tend to deny that. And even on times you have decided you wanted to move on, chances are you would end up crying again by the corner. But how should you deal with a past relationship, leave it behind, and embrace what lies ahead? Be defiant about moving ... Read More »

How to Get Over Being Dumped

The biggest fear people have about dating is the fear of being rejected. This is especially prevalent in men, but even women fear that men might reject them after knowing their character during a date. While we all hope and pray that rejection never happens, it can be a reality that we may simply have to face. Rejection can happen ... Read More »

How Do You Know If a Relationship Is Over

Sometimes it is hard to tell if the relationship is really over. You have to make sure that you want to end the relationship because the person is not compatible to you after all, not because you are afraid of commitment. There are signs to help you understand where you stand. If these signs are not obvious to you, check ... Read More »

How to Break Up With Someone

Breaking up is rarely easy. You both have feelings for each other at one point, and maybe you still do. And when it’s time to end the relationship, sometimes things get out of hand. The key is to do it maturely, without deliberate pain, in order for both of you move on with your lives and find someone better suited ... Read More »

How to Get Back Together

One day, you received a call from your ex and he or she asks you to go out. Apparently, your ex misses you and wants you back. It may be so sudden, but you need to think quick in order to resolve this issue. Do not be too emotional about it – It is easy to remember all of the ... Read More »

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