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How To Avoid Self-Pressuring Yourself Into Relationships

There is a vast difference between being single and getting into a relationship. Each one has their own share of benefits and disadvantages. Some people may be happy staying and enjoy being single. But there are singles who may be feeling the pressure of having no relationships yet at a certain stage in their lives. They can end up trying ... Read More »

Know When Your Date Is Not Really Into You

Dating can be exciting and fun. But at a certain point, people start to wonder if this will lead into anything more serious. The aim of most people when dating is to meet someone whom they feel will be ideal for them to start a relationship with. There are also times when people date just for the fun of it. ... Read More »

Questions To Help Determine If You Are Relationship Ready

People have different ideas and reasons for getting into a relationship. Some of the reasons may be too shallow while others are deep enough to make relationships work. Some people are not even sure whether they are already ready to be engaging into a serious relationship. Here are some questions that will help you determine if you or someone you ... Read More »

Your Dating Fears Resolved

Some people may have concerns about going on a date. They are sometimes compelled to withdraw from a possible opportunity to meet someone out of certain fears. There are some common fears people have about dating. Here are some of them and how people can work to resolve them. Fear of Embarrassment Some people shy away from dating because of ... Read More »

Things You Need To Know Before Starting A New Relationship

It is a new year and some people may already be in the hunt of a new relationship. It may even become their resolution this year. You might already be dating someone and you are planning to take it to the next level. There are some things that you need to consider before you start on that pursuit for a ... Read More »

Preventing Awkward Situations During Friendly Dates

  There are many instances when a friendly date can get awkward.  While you just want to go out with a friend to have a good time, they might read it differently. While you may not have any romantic intentions going out with a friend, some may think otherwise. Here are some unique ways that you can employ to make ... Read More »

Relationship Tips: Identifying The Men From The Boys

Successful relationships require a certain level of maturity between partners. Without it, many relationships may fail to grow and develop. In a way, women will want to have a man as a partner, not someone who may still be a bit immature. Women can identify who are the men and who are the boys through these different situations many relationships ... Read More »

Dealing With Dating Burn-Out

While some people may have trouble getting even a single date, there are others who may be quite the opposite. They have several dates lined up all the time and are never lacking in this department. But while these frequent daters may be quite the envy, they also have to face certain problems. For all you know, they might already ... Read More »

Signs He May Have Issues Over Commitment

There are times when a couple needs to take the next step in their relationship. Women may be looking for a commitment from men to ensure that the relationship will last long. But some men may have issues with commitment. They fear it like a plague. It later adds to the frustration that the women may feel for their partners. ... Read More »

Signs Men Are Ready for a Relationship

Men can be puzzling to many women. It can also be the same the other way around. Sometimes it can be hard for the women to determine if men are really trying to really serious about starting a relationship or just plainly in it for fun. There are certain signs that women can look for to determine if a man ... Read More »

I Really Want Him to Marry Me! 7 Vital Keys You Must Know If You Want to Make Him Marry You

Make Sure You’re Long-Term Material Before you continue with anything else, ask yourself if you’ve been together long enough to even expect a marriage proposal. Additionally, be honest with yourself about where you are in your life and whether or not you are truly wife material. Don’t fret; even if you aren’t now, you will be eventually and there’s no ... Read More »

Reasons Why Men Fear Commitment

Men try to get into relationships with the opposite sex all the time. They value being someone whom they can be with for various reasons. But when it comes to commitment time, most men may try to shy away from such situations for a variety of reasons. Here are some of them. Some men just don’t want to be “tied ... Read More »

How to Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

Finding out that you are pregnant can cause a variety of emotions, and telling husband about it can have different reactions as well.  It all depends on the situation and lifestyle.  If you have been trying to get pregnant for so many years, or it is a total surprise, talking about pregnancy should be handled with utmost care.  Here are ... Read More »

Signs that Your Guy Is Ready to Commit

Single women who have difficulty finding the men of their lives usually have one complaint: men are afraid to commit. Sure, there are guys out there who would rather grow up and be a bachelor for the rest of his life, but there are men who dream of getting married with a beautiful wife and raise a family of their ... Read More »

Dealing With Fear of Commitment

We all have our own fears at it often than not run our lives. Be it having a phobia with flying insects, heights, to rejection, failure, and commitments. These fears or what we also refer to as phobia keeps us from living our lives to its fullest. We do not want anything holding us back. As cliché as it may ... Read More »

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