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Dealing With Fear of Commitment

We all have our own fears at it often than not run our lives. Be it having a phobia with flying insects, heights, to rejection, failure, and commitments. These fears or what we also refer to as phobia keeps us from living our lives to its fullest. We do not want anything holding us back. As cliché as it may ... Read More »

How to Understand Your Partner

Understanding your partner is one of the ingredients of a lasting relationship. Learning how to understand your partner will enable you to see situations more clearly instead of reacting to something that you do not like in your partner. But this should also be practiced between the two people in the relationship and not just by one of them. Developing ... Read More »

Elements of a Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship should not only make you feel happy in love, but also feel fulfilled. Being in a weak, dysfunctional relationship only aggravates feelings of depressing and even desperation. This is why it is best you need a strong support network that keeps your grounded, happy, and content. Here are some aspects of a healthy relationship that you ... Read More »

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Don’t change just because you want to apiece your partner. Always be true to yourself. If you act or try to become someone you aren’t in order to fulfill someone else’s expectations, then something is seriously wrong. A true love will appreciate you for who are and what you bring to the relationship. The feeling of being pressured to change ... Read More »

The Importance of Friendship in Relationships

Remember all those fun times at school? It’s all made up of friends. For many of you, friends rule your world and it’s with them that you want to spend most of your time. You like friends because they’re the kind of people to whom you can turn. They know what you’re experiencing and at the same time they understand ... Read More »

How to Build Trust in Relationships

In a relationship, trust is the prime foundation that solidifies a bond between two people. People may think that love would keep two people together, but love alone does not make relationships last. Love is sometimes linked to jealousy, and jealousy leads to mistrust. With so much at stake, be it emotions, finances, children or future goal, there needs to ... Read More »

Meet The Parents

It might seem like a huge mountain to be climber: how do you impress your sweetheart parents? It comes down to few things which you can improve upon in order to get their approval. Dress to impress Going to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend parents, you need to be presentable. Take a good shower, place your hair neatly, wash your ... Read More »

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