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How to Propose Marriage

You are the guy. You are getting along well. You have been an item for some time now. Heck, you have been talking about the future, staying together, and she is hinting of kids. Best of all, that nest egg of yours is about to hatch. And yes, you already have that engagement ring in your drawer patiently waiting for ... Read More »

Recognizing the Signs of True Love

Signs of true love abound that people can recognize if they only open their eyes. The different signs of true love can manifest itself in many different ways. If you are able to see the signs while with your partner, then it might lead to a lasting and successful relationship. For some the signs of true love may show itself ... Read More »

How to Understand Your Partner

Understanding your partner is one of the ingredients of a lasting relationship. Learning how to understand your partner will enable you to see situations more clearly instead of reacting to something that you do not like in your partner. But this should also be practiced between the two people in the relationship and not just by one of them. Developing ... Read More »

Announcing Your Engagement

Announcing your engagement not only builds up some excitement but also some anxiousness. Annoying the engagement also follows a certain etiquette which follows an order to whom to tell first. The sudden announcement may cause different emotions from people you know. Some may feel happy, some may fell shocked maybe, while some may not know how to feel at all. ... Read More »

How to Buy Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a symbol of undying love and affection towards that special someone. However, it is a big investment and buying one can be a tedious task especially if the guy does not have an idea about engagement rings. Here are some great tips in purchasing a perfect engagement ring that fits your budget perfectly. Check your budget ... Read More »

Staying Friends with an Ex

As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. So does staying friends with the ex. Sure, there were good moments scattered in your memory that you do not want to do an "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"on and these good thoughts are what you hang on to and hope that is just does not end there. You ... Read More »

How to Stop Jealousy in a Relationship

Jealousy has always been a problem in many relationships. That green-eyed monster is always lurking somewhere, ready to cook up some trouble and strain in the relationship. It is important that partners should know how to deal with jealousy and know when to stop it the moment that it tries to affect the relationship. Jealousy can easily destroy an relationship. ... Read More »

Leaving a Past Relationship Behind

Getting over a failed relationship is painful, no matter how much we tend to deny that. And even on times you have decided you wanted to move on, chances are you would end up crying again by the corner. But how should you deal with a past relationship, leave it behind, and embrace what lies ahead? Be defiant about moving ... Read More »

Elements of a Healthy Relationship

Being in a relationship should not only make you feel happy in love, but also feel fulfilled. Being in a weak, dysfunctional relationship only aggravates feelings of depressing and even desperation. This is why it is best you need a strong support network that keeps your grounded, happy, and content. Here are some aspects of a healthy relationship that you ... Read More »

How to Spot a Liar

It is usual for some to prove everything, including lying on some stuff, in order to win your heart. This goes the same to your partner, who no matter how innocent-looking he or she may be could be cheating on you. We do not mean to make you paranoid, but honesty is a cornerstone of a good relationship. If you ... Read More »

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

Don’t change just because you want to apiece your partner. Always be true to yourself. If you act or try to become someone you aren’t in order to fulfill someone else’s expectations, then something is seriously wrong. A true love will appreciate you for who are and what you bring to the relationship. The feeling of being pressured to change ... Read More »

The Importance of Friendship in Relationships

Remember all those fun times at school? It’s all made up of friends. For many of you, friends rule your world and it’s with them that you want to spend most of your time. You like friends because they’re the kind of people to whom you can turn. They know what you’re experiencing and at the same time they understand ... Read More »

How to Get Over Being Dumped

The biggest fear people have about dating is the fear of being rejected. This is especially prevalent in men, but even women fear that men might reject them after knowing their character during a date. While we all hope and pray that rejection never happens, it can be a reality that we may simply have to face. Rejection can happen ... Read More »

Age Gaps in Relationships

These days, even if we live in a more modern time, some people still hold on that "social double standard" (whether they meant to or not). That is why some would still find surprising when they see an older woman going out with a much younger guy. Although gone are the days when such women were called cougars, cradle-robber, or ... Read More »

Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how we would exert so much effort in keeping a relationship (whether this is marriage, dating, or friendship), there are some factors that would make your partnership fail. For one thing, most of us tend to set ourselves aside when in a relationship, giving more priority to your partner. However, if we do not devote some of our ... Read More »

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