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Common Reasons Couples Break Up

Relationships do not always last forever. There are couples who seem perfect for each other but end breaking up. There are many reasons leading to a break up among couples. It pays to know the common ones so that those who are still in a relationship can work together to avoid the same mistakes over time. Cosmopolitan Magazine made a ... Read More »

Signs That It May Be Time To Break Up

Breaking up is a difficult decision to make. But there may come a time when you may need to dwell on this decision in your relationship. You do not decide solely out of a certain feeling you have. You need to understand and look for the signs when it may already be necessary. Here are some of the signs that ... Read More »

Tips On Talking With An Ex

A break up usually comes with bitterness and anger towards an ex. Whether it is a breakup of a marriage or any other relationship, it is normal that both parties may still harbor some rage or resentment toward each other. But as time passes by, some of these feelings may die down a bit. Some of the emotions may still ... Read More »

After The Break Up- What You Should Avoid

A break up is a traumatic experience for anyone involved. It signals the end of the relationship. A person going through a break up may be having a difficult time getting things back to normal. But it is necessary that people go through a period of mourning and sadness. Over time, things will get better. But before that, people should ... Read More »

Spotting A Potential Cheater With The Help Of Science

Cheating may be considered as one of the most serious issues ever to come out in any relationship. It can lead to a break-up or divorce for most relationships. People then begin to regret not being able to read through the cheating ways of their partners earlier. But infidelities may not be something that you can easily detect early in ... Read More »

Advice For Singles On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love between couples. It is understandable that many singles feel uncomfortable during the particular day in February. But singles need not feel that way. They can still be happy being single on Valentine’s Day. Here are some tips to help you enjoy Valentine’s Day while remaining single. It is all about perspective. If you ... Read More »

Things You Need To Know Before Starting A New Relationship

It is a new year and some people may already be in the hunt of a new relationship. It may even become their resolution this year. You might already be dating someone and you are planning to take it to the next level. There are some things that you need to consider before you start on that pursuit for a ... Read More »

Reasons You Need To Break Up Your Relationship

There are times when relationships are worth fighting for. There are also times when people should realize that breaking up is necessary. There are a number of reasons when people should start considering breaking up a relationship. Here are some of them. Cheating is involved. Many successful relationships are based on trust and faithfulness to one another. Cheating can destroy ... Read More »

Giving The Right Gifts At The Different Dating Periods

Giving gifts is exciting when it concerns someone special. But it should be done the right way. Gift giving in a relationship comes in stages. There is some etiquette involved to avoid awkward situations. The level of gift giving should depend on the level of relationship. Here is a simple guide in gift giving at different relationship stages. Dating For ... Read More »

Lies People Tend To Believe After A Break-Up

A break-up can be very emotionally draining experience. Going through one can be quite harrowing. It can also make people more vulnerable, including the lies they tell themselves. Here are some of the more common lies that people tend to believe after going through a break-up. I’ll become alone forever. After a break up, people feel that their entire world ... Read More »

Preventing Awkward Situations During Friendly Dates

  There are many instances when a friendly date can get awkward.  While you just want to go out with a friend to have a good time, they might read it differently. While you may not have any romantic intentions going out with a friend, some may think otherwise. Here are some unique ways that you can employ to make ... Read More »

Some Truths You Need To Know About Online Dating

Online dating has become even more popular today, now that WiFi and smartphones have come into popular use. Online dating was supposed to be just a fad. But now, more and more people are considering opening up online dating profiles while in their search for someone to get in a relationship with. Despite the increasing popularity of online dating, there ... Read More »

Signs A Man Is Boyfriend Material

Women always want to meet a guy who they can consider boyfriend material. Several dates will help them realize the type of man they are dating. But even then, they are not entirely sure if he makes a good boyfriend. Here are some signs that will help you determine whether the man you are dating will turn out to be ... Read More »

Relationship Tips: Identifying The Men From The Boys

Successful relationships require a certain level of maturity between partners. Without it, many relationships may fail to grow and develop. In a way, women will want to have a man as a partner, not someone who may still be a bit immature. Women can identify who are the men and who are the boys through these different situations many relationships ... Read More »

Dealing With Dating Burn-Out

While some people may have trouble getting even a single date, there are others who may be quite the opposite. They have several dates lined up all the time and are never lacking in this department. But while these frequent daters may be quite the envy, they also have to face certain problems. For all you know, they might already ... Read More »

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