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Common Myths Of What Causes Divorce

Many marriages today go through divorce as the last option when couples can no longer salvage the relationship. There are many different reasons why marriages end up in divorce. But there are also some myths going around as to what may cause it. Here are some of the common myths on what causes divorce. Affairs cause couples to divorce. Many ... Read More »

Interesting Reasons Why Some Men May Want A Divorce

Divorce can be a devastating blow to any marriage. It signals an end to a relationship that started out well. Divorce can be brought about by a host of different reasons. Most of these reasons are perceived to be at the very worst stages that only a separation or divorce can fix. On the part of men, there can be ... Read More »

Avoiding Divorce

Divorce is a painful experience for married couples to go through. Many are taking this path in order to rid themselves of a troublesome relationship. Others realize that they want to be happy and the marriage may be preventing them from achieving that. It is always a sad thing to experience divorce. If there are ways that couples can avoid ... Read More »

Going Back Into The Dating Scene After Divorce

Life after divorce can become very lonely for the people who go through it. After spending several years in a marriage that just did not work out, being alone all of a sudden becomes a completely new experience. Some people may like it for a while. However, after a certain point, they begin to long for the benefits of companionship. ... Read More »

Preparing For Divorce

There are times when a marriage breaks down and the relationship is going down the wrong path. After getting counseling and trying to save the marriage, some couples may eventually decide when enough is enough. When all else fails, then getting a divorce may be the next move. Going through a divorce is painful for both parties. It signifies a ... Read More »

Conversation Topics For Post- Divorce Dating

There is still life for people after divorce. Although it might be a traumatic experience for most people, a divorce should not be the end for people establishing new relationships all over again. Consider it as an opportunity to start over and date with a wiser perspective. When it comes to dating after a divorce, many people will certainly have ... Read More »

How to Date Again After Divorce

When the storm calms after a divorce and you’re living a normal life again, you may find yourself entertaining thoughts of dating. You know very well that developing new relationships means returning to the dating scene. However, dating following a divorce is an overwhelming experience. There are some important guides that may help you achieve a triumphant comeback to the ... Read More »

Introduction to Mediation on Divorce

While the divorce rate in the United States has been declining slowly since the 1970s, divorce remains fairly common in the country. In fact, about 50% of first marriages and 70% second marriages end in divorce. The median length for an American marriage is 11 years with around 90% of all divorce cases being settled out of court. There are ... Read More »

Can You Still Be Friends After Divorce?

Divorce is devastating to the entire family. It is especially painful for couples who have been married for a long time. Of course depending on the reason for the split, it does not mean however, that you can’t be friends with your former spouse. You may have lost a spouse, but maybe you can gain a friend. People who become ... Read More »

Divorce Statistics and Trend

Divorce has become a common threat to married couples. It refers to separation between two people who have entered into a contract of marriage, making it void. It is a dissolution of marriage that has to be uphold by the court of law. Divorce statistics and trend may seem to be that it is going up and is on the ... Read More »

Divorce Red Flags

The signs are already there but you and your partner did not notice it coming. Although divorce can be prevented through utmost sincere communication and some form of crisis management, there are circumstances which heighten the chances of couples committing divorce. Marrying at an early age – this is not really an issue, but statistically, those who got married when ... Read More »

Leave Your Past Behind

Past relationships should be left where they are- in the past. People who keep reliving past relationships may fall into the trap of not being able to move on. This can seriously harm or do a lot of damage to current or future relationships. Although past relationships may give you fond memories of how happy you once were, it should ... Read More »

Dating After Divorce

Going through a divorce is a tough road, and the pain would linger for the time being. However, that doesn’t mean your love life is doomed. Of course, you can date, but would it be detrimental to your divorce, especially if it is not settled yet? Fortunately, there are answers. When to date – When to go back on the ... Read More »

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