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How to Create a Gift Register

A wedding gift register has become a common practice among weddings today. A gift registry is simply just a list of items that the couple wishes to receive as gifts for wedding presents. This set-up can make it more convenient and easier for guests to look for a suitable wedding gift for the couple. All they need to do is ... Read More »

How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Timeline

A traditional wedding reception lasts between three to five hours. This is the time during the wedding celebration where the bride and groom relax and party with their guests. The reception can include seated dinners, cocktails, and brunches. The wedding emcee is usually tasked in planning the wedding reception timeline (especially if he or she has done it professionally). However, ... Read More »

Wedding Photography Checklist

Having a wedding photography checklist can help keep things for photographers more organized especially when taking hundreds of pictures during the wedding day. Couples usually are concerned that wedding photographers be able to capture all the essential wedding details on film since a wedding can be a once in a lifetime experience. Wedding photographers usually have only one shot at ... Read More »

Wedding Dates to Avoid

For a couple planning their upcoming wedding, setting up a date for the memorable occasion would be the very first thing on the agenda. Choosing a date presents quite a dilemma for the couple, even though at first they might not know it yet. A chosen date may present some obstacles that can determine the success of the event. Knowing ... Read More »

Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

Picking your wedding date can take some considerations. It should fall into the whole plan that you have made out for the special event. But it is up to you and your future better half to determine what would be the best date to have the wedding. Just make sure that the date that you pick would not result in ... Read More »

The Role of the Mother of Groom

You son has all grown up and is about to get married. At this moment, you have earned the responsibility as the "Mother of the Groom". They say that mothers of the groom are only supposed to show up on the wedding day, but at this day and age, both the bride’s and groom’s families have their respective duties and ... Read More »

Addressing Your Wedding Invitation

When planning your wedding invitations, thinking about when to send them out to the guests would eventually crop up. Some couples may have concerns as to how to time the sending of the wedding invitations for the most effective results. Some may think preparing and sending them out months early is better while others may prefer making and sending them ... Read More »

Planning a Wedding

Getting engaged is definitely an amazing event anyone can experience. Both of you are beginning to embark on a journey towards matrimony, but at the same time realizing the overwhelming process of planning a wedding. Of course, who doesn’t want a spectacular, grandiose, almost-like-a-celebrity wedding? So to put things in order, let us help you in providing a step-by-step guide ... Read More »

Bachelor Party Ideas

Planning a bachelor party may seem easy, but it is more than just hiring strippers. Here are some fun and crazy ideas that you need to complete your buddy’s bachelor party. Humiliating the groom – Plan on some form of punishment or public humiliation for the honoree. You can make him wear a big condom hat or a ball-and-chain indicating ... Read More »

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Fun should be the first thing in mind when organizing a bachelorette party for your good friend. Here are some since suggestions that would definitely create lasting memories. Humiliating the bride – The bride is not spared from being embarrassed. We are not about to degrade the bride, but to remind her that she has made the right decision of ... Read More »

How to Make a Wedding Video

A wedding is an unforgettable moment. That is why video coverage is a must for every “I do” celebration. If you are planning to cover weddings for a living or you are planning to film your relative’s wedding, here are some helpful tips to create the best possible videos for that precious moment. Assess the location beforehand – Visit the location before ... Read More »

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