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Attracting Love with Feng Shui

The Chinese art of geomancy, or Feng Shui, has captured the imagination of many Westerners, amazed at how simple placement of elements or manipulating the spaces within your home can increase energy to attract love, wealth, and lifelong happiness. Many people may doubt how a simple redecoration would "attract good energy," but it does make sense if you look at ... Read More »

Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men

When we see a younger woman dating an older man, the first notion that comes to mind is that "he’s her sugar daddy." But the truth is, it’s not always the case of the middle-aged man going through a midlife crisis wooing a much younger woman using his money. The fact is, there are plenty of women who are attracted ... Read More »

Having a Second Honeymoon

You may have heard of "the seven-year itch," a term usually referred to married couples who lose their passion and intimacy towards each other after several years of marriage bliss.  You take it as a joke at first, but days go by and you beginning to realize that your spouse begins to give you a cold treatment.  At first you ... Read More »

Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Designing a master bedroom in a romantic set-up can help spice things up for couples. It can even help the relationship by continuously inspiring thoughts of romance whenever the couple comes to bed for the night. Decorating the bedroom as a romantic setting will not only be fun, it can also be a means to help couples instill some romance ... Read More »

Is It Love or Lust?

You feel deeply attracted to another person so much that you want to be with them, but up to what extent you feel toward the person? Your heart say that you are falling in love, but your head counters and claims it’s probably just your loins reacting. It is easy to know about physical sex, especially when it comes to ... Read More »

How to Have a Romantic Vacation

Couples should go on a romantic vacation once in a while. It helps to spice up the relationship in a sense that a romantic vacation is usually time spent more intimately with each other. There would be no need to worry about work for a while or think about the kids. With a romantic vacation, a couple can have that ... Read More »

Romantic Love Songs

Ever had that experience where you’re so full of emotions, you are at lost for words? And then when you listen to some music, you feel that the music speaks what you can’t say? Did you experience that when you’re in love, music makes things even more beautiful. And when you’re feeling romantic and you’ll find that music helps create ... Read More »

Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

The wedding anniversary is an important occasion for married couples. It is one way of giving importance to the relationship that has been shared between two people. Wedding anniversaries can be celebrated in different ways. Here are some of the best ways to make such celebrations even memorable. Bring Back Wedding Memories Wedding anniversaries bring back the joyous memories of ... Read More »

Reviving Romance in Your Marriage

Wives can get into the habit of letting responsibilities in the home or family to get in the way of intimacy with their husbands. This has become an increasing problem with most women today. More and more women have become too caught up their daily chores and tasks that they forget about spending quality time with their husbands. The end ... Read More »

Do You Have a Good Marriage?

A good marriage doesn’t usually happen overnight. A good marriage is something that couples have to continually work on and maintain. The problem with some couples is that they think a good and successful marriage is something that once you have it, you have it. When you don’t, then you can do nothing about it. But in fact, what most ... Read More »

Stages of a Healthy Relationship

Building a long term relationship is a process. It goes through a series of stages that leads to a strong bond with your partner. A healthy relationship should go through these different stages in order to fully appreciate and build up a successful lifetime partnership with the opposite sex. Courtship Stage This is the most common of stages that people ... Read More »

To Marry or Not?

To marry or not? This has been a question that every single male and female has been faced with at some point in their lives. And the answers seem to be varied and different from one person to another. The answers to this question may only lead to two ends- success or failure of the marriage or of the life ... Read More »

What Kind of Lover Are You?

There are several types of lovers and it evolves within you as the time pass by with your partner or rather the people you’ve had relationship with through the years. According to experts there are six styles of loving someone and knowing how the said six style work helps one in assessing their relationship’s state and actually work on making ... Read More »

Recognizing the Signs of True Love

Signs of true love abound that people can recognize if they only open their eyes. The different signs of true love can manifest itself in many different ways. If you are able to see the signs while with your partner, then it might lead to a lasting and successful relationship. For some the signs of true love may show itself ... Read More »

Age Gaps in Relationships

These days, even if we live in a more modern time, some people still hold on that "social double standard" (whether they meant to or not). That is why some would still find surprising when they see an older woman going out with a much younger guy. Although gone are the days when such women were called cougars, cradle-robber, or ... Read More »

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