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Signs Your Marriage Needs Help

A marriage will not succeed if the couple does not strive to build up and maintain the relationship. It is a shared effort between two partners to make sure that the marriage continues to be strong. However, there are times when a couple may forget about this especially when they reset their priorities. One common instance is when they begin ... Read More »

Common Wives’ Complaints About Their Husbands

Couples strive to maintain a happy marriage. But there comes a time when they go through certain trials that will challenge their bond. Sometimes it starts with complaints regarding some things that a wife thinks the husband does or does not do, and vice versa. From the perspective of a wife, here are some of the common complaints once can ... Read More »

Common Problems Married Couples Face

Marriage is a culmination of a long and serious relationship. Couples take it as the next step in trying to prove their love for each other. It is an agreement to stay together and love each other in good times as well as the bad times. For many couples, it is the “and they lived happily ever after” part of ... Read More »

Old Marriage Rules That No Longer Applicable Today

Marriage is an important event in anyone’s life. It is a big step taken to ensure a couple’s relationship. There are also marriage rules to follow and abide by. But over the course of time, these rules are also bound to change to conform with today’s way of life and current standards. In the process, some of the marriage rules ... Read More »

Common Yet Surprising Marriage Blunders

A successful marriage takes a lot of work. It is a life-long challenge for two people to stay together, both in good as well as bad times. There can be struggles along the way. Some couples commit certain blunders that can sometimes cause the marriage to suffer. Some obvious blunders can be avoided. Some are mistakes that are not so ... Read More »

Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Married couples go through a lot of challenges the longer their relationship lasts. That is just normal for any long-term relationship. The relationship can only survive if the couple tries to work on the many challenges together and with a united effort. One area where many couples need to work on after several years together is their sex life. Time ... Read More »

Common Marriage Myths

A successful marriage is one that lasts a lifetime. But getting there takes a lifelong dedication, of work and sacrifices. But there are certain myths about marriage that people seem to believe but are in fact not true. Here are some of them. Don’t go to bed angry. What this means is that married couples should resolve conflicts and arguments ... Read More »

Is It OK to Tell Your Spouse You Are Attracted To Someone Else?

It happens a lot among married couples. You are about to have a nice dinner with your husband at a very fancy restaurant when a really good-looking waiter approaches to take your order. You told him what you want and as he leaves, you couldn’t help but wonder whether to tell your husband, “That waiter looks cute,” or just keep ... Read More »

Top 10: Marital Problems

She’s let herself go It happens. Some women let themselves go after they get married. Maybe they lose their incentive to stay fit once they’ve bagged a guy. Maybe they have trouble bouncing back after having a baby. There are numerous explanations, but if her physical unfitness is killing your libido, you have to do something about it. Try working ... Read More »

How to Divide Responsibilities Effectively

A lot of couples end up splitting simply because they can’t effectively divide household chores and familial responsibilities effectively. Couples should be able to divide chores and responsibilities effectively to keep the household operations – and their marriage – going smoothly. Here are a few ways to keep things in your home running smoothly. Prioritize All household chores must be ... Read More »

Fighting Fairly in Your Marriage

Marriage can be blissful during the wedding and honeymoon, but once reality begins to sink in you realize that there is more about marriage that just being romantic. You have probably heard about the "seven-year itch," when the marital relationship turns sour over the years, usually because the couple keeps on fighting and arguing with each other. If you want ... Read More »

Forgiveness in Marriage

Forgive and forget. That’s what we often hear. But it’s easier said than done. You could easily say "it’s alright" to someone who might have done wrong to you. But, after deep reflection, you might be surprised to find out that you have been "collecting" these little "hurts" over the years. In a relationship as sacred as marriage, forgiveness is ... Read More »

How Having a Baby Will Affect Your Marriage

One of the many fruits of marriage is having a baby, which can bring much joy to both parents who are in a loving and stable relationship.  However, expecting parents should delve deeper than guessing which between the mother and the father would the baby look like, especially when it comes to the level of commitment.  Here are some of ... Read More »

What is Marital Rape?

Spousal rape is a term used for a non-consensual sex assault where the person committing the assault is the victim’s own spouse. Spousal rape can also be committed if the attacker is the woman’s ex-husband. There are a lot of women today who go through such a horrible experience and yet try to remain quiet about it. Why a man ... Read More »

To Have Children Or Not to Have?

Although marriage can be all about starting a family, there are some couples who might still have problems concerning whether they would like to start one or not. Some couples can be affected when it comes to deciding whether to have a child or not. The issues can affect the marriage especially if spouses have different opinions regarding the matter. ... Read More »

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