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To Have Children Or Not to Have?

Although marriage can be all about starting a family, there are some couples who might still have problems concerning whether they would like to start one or not. Some couples can be affected when it comes to deciding whether to have a child or not. The issues can affect the marriage especially if spouses have different opinions regarding the matter. ... Read More »

Living With a Workaholic

Being married to a workaholic can be very stressful. There are times that wives have to compete with time that they can spend with their husbands over the work that he does. Marriage and workaholics never seem to do together well. But if you find yourself married to one, it is not an impossible mission to cope up and live ... Read More »

When a Spouse Is Unfaithful

Instead of moping around uselessly, here are some practical things to help you cope when your spouse becomes unfaithful. Don’t make any major decisions about ending your marriage now jus Just because your spouse has been unfaithful, do not just jump in and end the marriage. Rather take this time to reflect on your marriage. What are the problems or ... Read More »

Solving Marriage Problems

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, only successful ones. Every marriage goes through its share of fights, arguments and problems along the way. How effective couples are able to hurdle obstacles and problems that occur in their marriages will help determine if the relationship would enjoy long term success or short-lived failure. Solving marriage problems is a ... Read More »

Common Marriage Mistakes

Married couples go through a lot of bumps, that is a given. However, there are times when these bumps get too frequent which led to deep conflict. Here are some of the common mistakes committed by partners in their married lives. Lack of respect – one thing they taught in leadership camp is to praise someone in public, criticize in ... Read More »

Is Money Hurting Your Relationship?

Money had the power to weaken the best of relationships if its not handled properly. Money is such a significant factors in most relationship breakdowns that managing finances has been a part of some relationship counseling services. Some couples would rather not discuss about money to avoid fights and misunderstandings but this isn’t the case. The truth is, couples can’t ... Read More »

Difference Between Men and Women

Just like when they say “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” the opposite sex are literally polar opposites when it comes to relationships, especially in thought process, sensitivity, memory, and communication. A successful relationship is one that recognizes that difference and is able to get beyond the he said/ she said scenarios. Here are some notable variations. Difference ... Read More »

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