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Study Indicates Watching Romantic Movies Can Help Marriages

Long-term relationships and marriages all require work effort in order to stay strong and successful. Any way that can contribute to keeping a marriage alive is important for couples who intend to stay together forever. Some recent studies reveal that certain activities that couples can do together may help marriages stay strong. Watching romantic movies is one of them. According ... Read More »

Changing Your First Name After Marriage

If your parents gave you an atrocity of giving you an embarrassing birth name like Pantyhose, Sue (if you are a boy), or even Talula Does The Hula In Hawaii, you felt the need of changing your name to avoid further anxiety and discomfort.  In California, name changes are not that complicated.  Some people would simply pick a new name ... Read More »

How to Change Your Name in California

Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names. So goes a Japanese proverb. We all like to leave a good name behind. Perhaps this is why some people opt to have their names changed to something they feel is worth leaving behind. Perhaps. In California, having your name changed is not a very complicated process. However, ... Read More »

Do Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together?

We are taught in our Physics class that, in the law of magnetic poles, like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other. Does it hold true in marriage? Do we tend to go for romantic partners that are opposite to us? Or do birds of the same feather are more likely to experience marital bliss? In a ... Read More »

How to Plan Finances After Marriage

Financial issues are a touchy subject for couples, but that doesn’t mean that these issues should be neglected. In fact, money matters should be resolved early on in the relationship to avoid conflicts in the future. You have to be open and honest with your partner about finances especially if you intend to have a lasting relationship with him or ... Read More »

Time Management for Newlyweds

Some newlyweds get tempted into missing their singlehood, especially during the time when they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  With their married life, they also need to devote their time with their spouse, but sometimes they end up giving too much time to the point that they have forgotten about themselves. Determining how to divide time between ... Read More »

How Couple Handle Religious Differences

A marriage is a contract between two people to live as one and under one home. At most times, the couple may have their own similarities as well as differences. Sometimes it is the differences that can get in the way of a happy marriage. One of the more serious differences that a couple may face would be that of ... Read More »

Dealing With The In-Laws

Most couples may think that marriage would just concern two people- the husband and the wife. But most of the time, this is not the usual case. Every marriage has a lot of things to deal with, and sometimes it can come from outside of it. This is usually the case when married couples have to deal with the in-laws. ... Read More »

How to Discuss Having a Baby

You and your spouse have embarked on a new chapter of your lives: being married to each other. After feeling the highs of matrimony and honeymoon, you begin to feel the pressure from your parents, in-laws, and friends, about getting pregnant. It is best that you follow your gut feeling on whether you feel like you are ready to bear ... Read More »

Surviving the First Year of Marriage

They say that the bliss of getting married as husband and wife usually fades once the bills have arrived. The first year of marriage is usually the hardest because of the stresses involved, but it can be eased by investing time and resources into the relationship. If you believe in having a healthy marriage, consider these tips. Love each other’s ... Read More »

Changing Your Name After Marriage

Traditionally, a woman takes her husband’s last name after getting married. It was fact. A non-issue. But now, women have issues about changing their name after they get married. Decades ago, women were expected to be wives and mothers – not career women. Now, more and more women are becoming established in their chosen fields and have their own identity ... Read More »

The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

Marriage is a traditional contract made by a man and a woman in order to formalize their relationship. Just like any other contract, both parties need to work together in order to make the marriage last. As a relationship borne out of love for each other, it is the duty of both partners to nurture and maintain a healthy relationship ... Read More »

Questions To Ask Before Marriage

Relationship experts report that too many couples fail to ask each other critical questions before marrying. Here are a few key ones that couples should consider asking: Have we discussed whether or not to have children, and if the answer is yes, who is going to be the primary care giver? Do we have a clear idea of each other’s ... Read More »

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