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Men’s Common Marriage Fears

Marriage can be a scary concept for many men. Just like any relationship, there are times when commitment brings along different concerns and worries for those involved. In the case of men, there are common fears they share when it comes to marriage. Here are some of them. Possibility of Divorce Some men may have second thoughts about marriage if ... Read More »

Developing A Playful Attitude In A Relationship

Couples need not always remain serious in their relationship all of the time. Laughter and humor can also help keep relationships strong and interesting. Having a playful attitude can help couples feel more comfortable with the relationship. Here are some tips to help couples develop their playful side. Create jokes that you as a couple can only get. Inside jokes ... Read More »

Health Benefits Of Being Married

Marriage offers more than a relationship between people. Studies show that a happy marriage can also provide certain health benefits to the couple. It may sound strange or odd, but a happy union between a man and a woman can also help you become healthier in the long run. Here are some of those benefits. Lower Stroke Risk Studies by ... Read More »

Actions That Can Destroy Your Marriage

couple figurine with broken hearts

A marriage can be a sensitive and fragile thing. If you do not take good care of it, it can get easily damaged beyond repair. There are certain actions that can contribute to its demise. Here are some of the common ones. Complaining Too Much A marriage should always be about harmony. It is trying to see the good in ... Read More »

Top Complaints In An Unhappy Marriage

A happy marriage takes work. Husbands and wives need to have the discipline to make the relationship succeed by continuously working at it. But there are times when one partner may not be giving the same effort as the other. This can result into conflicts and disagreements. There might be complaints regarding the relationship that makes either partner unhappy. Here ... Read More »

Surprising Secrets To A Happier Marriage

The secret of happy couples is not just about having a great wife or a great husband. It takes a couple to make it work. Both husband and wife need to have a relationship that complements each other. But there are also some other surprising secrets to a happier marriage that couples should know about, backed by studies. Here are ... Read More »

Making Your Marriage Divorce-Proof

Marriage is the culmination of any romantic relationship. But as couples may realize later on, it is not easy. Challenges abound with couples needing to work together to make the relationship flourish in time. The objective for most couples is to stay together and avoid having to deal with divorce. Here are some tips to make any marriage disaster-proof. Value ... Read More »

Study Indicates Watching Romantic Movies Can Help Marriages

Long-term relationships and marriages all require work effort in order to stay strong and successful. Any way that can contribute to keeping a marriage alive is important for couples who intend to stay together forever. Some recent studies reveal that certain activities that couples can do together may help marriages stay strong. Watching romantic movies is one of them. According ... Read More »

Top Tips For Revitalizing Your Marriage

A marriage can go through its ups and downs. After all, no relationship is always perfect. It is through these experiences that marriages can become even stronger. But that all depends on how couples react to the challenges in the marriage. If couples find themselves somewhere in the lower rungs of the relationship ladder, here are some useful tips to ... Read More »

Interesting Reasons Why Some Men May Want A Divorce

Divorce can be a devastating blow to any marriage. It signals an end to a relationship that started out well. Divorce can be brought about by a host of different reasons. Most of these reasons are perceived to be at the very worst stages that only a separation or divorce can fix. On the part of men, there can be ... Read More »

Building A Healthy Marriage

Getting married is more than just having a husband or a wife beside you. It is an experience that all depends on your actions. A happily married couple works on the relationship and try to keep it healthy and strong. But what makes up a healthy marriage and how can you achieve it? Here are simple tips that might help. ... Read More »

Reasons Women May Not Be Interested In You

Men try their best in order to capture the interest of women. Attraction is important in starting any relationship. But no matter some men may try, they just cannot seem to keep up the interest in women that they date. Questions begin to form in their minds, “Where did I go wrong?” Here are some reasons why women may not ... Read More »

Couple Rules For Fighting

Conflicts and arguments are things that relationships cannot avoid. Every relationship may have its share of fighting and squabbles now and then. It is how the couple fights that matters. Conflict resolution is all about trying to work out solutions for important relationship issues. It is not just all about shouting and hurting each other with words and actions. Here ... Read More »

Signs Your Marriage Needs Help

A marriage will not succeed if the couple does not strive to build up and maintain the relationship. It is a shared effort between two partners to make sure that the marriage continues to be strong. However, there are times when a couple may forget about this especially when they reset their priorities. One common instance is when they begin ... Read More »

Common Wives’ Complaints About Their Husbands

Couples strive to maintain a happy marriage. But there comes a time when they go through certain trials that will challenge their bond. Sometimes it starts with complaints regarding some things that a wife thinks the husband does or does not do, and vice versa. From the perspective of a wife, here are some of the common complaints once can ... Read More »

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