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Time Management for Newlyweds

Some newlyweds get tempted into missing their singlehood, especially during the time when they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  With their married life, they also need to devote their time with their spouse, but sometimes they end up giving too much time to the point that they have forgotten about themselves. Determining how to divide time between ... Read More »

What is Marital Rape?

Spousal rape is a term used for a non-consensual sex assault where the person committing the assault is the victim’s own spouse. Spousal rape can also be committed if the attacker is the woman’s ex-husband. There are a lot of women today who go through such a horrible experience and yet try to remain quiet about it. Why a man ... Read More »

Can You Still Be Friends After Divorce?

Divorce is devastating to the entire family. It is especially painful for couples who have been married for a long time. Of course depending on the reason for the split, it does not mean however, that you can’t be friends with your former spouse. You may have lost a spouse, but maybe you can gain a friend. People who become ... Read More »

How Couple Handle Religious Differences

A marriage is a contract between two people to live as one and under one home. At most times, the couple may have their own similarities as well as differences. Sometimes it is the differences that can get in the way of a happy marriage. One of the more serious differences that a couple may face would be that of ... Read More »

To Have Children Or Not to Have?

Although marriage can be all about starting a family, there are some couples who might still have problems concerning whether they would like to start one or not. Some couples can be affected when it comes to deciding whether to have a child or not. The issues can affect the marriage especially if spouses have different opinions regarding the matter. ... Read More »

Should You Have a Marriage Counselor?

When couples are facing some problems in their marriage, the most common reaction would be to keep the problem within themselves. Most couples would try to resolve the issues by themselves and avoid getting anyone else involved. But there are times when the problem has become bigger than the couple can manage to solve. There are times that the help ... Read More »

Living With a Workaholic

Being married to a workaholic can be very stressful. There are times that wives have to compete with time that they can spend with their husbands over the work that he does. Marriage and workaholics never seem to do together well. But if you find yourself married to one, it is not an impossible mission to cope up and live ... Read More »

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding day is supposed to be a perfect day for every couple. They want this day to be beautiful, smooth-sailing, and memorable. But in many cases, due to poor wedding planning and the stress that comes with it, the dream wedding becomes a nightmare. This is the major reason more and more couples are seeking the help of professional wedding ... Read More »

When a Spouse Is Unfaithful

Instead of moping around uselessly, here are some practical things to help you cope when your spouse becomes unfaithful. Don’t make any major decisions about ending your marriage now jus Just because your spouse has been unfaithful, do not just jump in and end the marriage. Rather take this time to reflect on your marriage. What are the problems or ... Read More »

Solving Marriage Problems

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, only successful ones. Every marriage goes through its share of fights, arguments and problems along the way. How effective couples are able to hurdle obstacles and problems that occur in their marriages will help determine if the relationship would enjoy long term success or short-lived failure. Solving marriage problems is a ... Read More »

Dealing With The In-Laws

Most couples may think that marriage would just concern two people- the husband and the wife. But most of the time, this is not the usual case. Every marriage has a lot of things to deal with, and sometimes it can come from outside of it. This is usually the case when married couples have to deal with the in-laws. ... Read More »

The Role of the Mother of the Bride

Almost all daughters want to have a dream wedding. They want it to run flawlessly. However, many of us have witnessed a lot of wedding ceremonies gone wrong: disaster wedding dresses, flowers arriving late, absent guests, seat plans not followed, photographers and videographers messing with the documentation, and chaotic wedding reception. Wedding indeed can be a nightmare, especially for the ... Read More »

Divorce Statistics and Trend

Divorce has become a common threat to married couples. It refers to separation between two people who have entered into a contract of marriage, making it void. It is a dissolution of marriage that has to be uphold by the court of law. Divorce statistics and trend may seem to be that it is going up and is on the ... Read More »

Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

Part of the changes a couple would experience after the wedding is the wife’s change of last name, taking the name of her husband once she signs her wedding certificate. However, the woman also has a right to keep her own name. Which option would be right for you? Plead consider these things before you take his name. The advantages ... Read More »

How to Discuss Having a Baby

You and your spouse have embarked on a new chapter of your lives: being married to each other. After feeling the highs of matrimony and honeymoon, you begin to feel the pressure from your parents, in-laws, and friends, about getting pregnant. It is best that you follow your gut feeling on whether you feel like you are ready to bear ... Read More »

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