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Surprising Results From New Relationship Studies

It may be hard to predict if a relationship may become successful. But that does not mean that researchers cannot study and differentiate what makes relationships successful and what will not. Several studies were conducted about the dynamics of relationship success. Sometimes, the results may be surprising. Here are some surprising study results regarding the modern relationship. Sleeping Apart May ... Read More »

Tips On Achieving Sexual Fulfillment

One of the ingredients to a happy and long-lasting relationship is a satisfying sex life. If couples can achieve sexual fulfillment with their sole partners, they usually enjoy a happy and wonderful relationship. Although sex is just one aspect, it is a very important one. Couples should strive to achieve sexual satisfaction and fulfillment and expect the same from their ... Read More »

Avoiding Divorce

Divorce is a painful experience for married couples to go through. Many are taking this path in order to rid themselves of a troublesome relationship. Others realize that they want to be happy and the marriage may be preventing them from achieving that. It is always a sad thing to experience divorce. If there are ways that couples can avoid ... Read More »

Things That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Couples in a successful relationship also enjoy happy sex lives. Some relationships fail because they do not enjoy a satisfying sex life. It is not always the lack of sexual urges that is to blame. There are some things that couples may be guilty of doing that can ruin their sex lives. Here are just some of them. Making Sex ... Read More »

The Unexpected Emotions You Feel After A Partner’s Affair

Infidelity can do such damage into any relationship. Discovering that your partner has an affair can bring in a flood of emotions. There are the common ones such as anger, sadness, confusion, betrayal, and sense of loss. These emotions are but normal reactions to a cheating and unfaithful partner. However, some not-so-common emotions can also befall a victim of infidelity. ... Read More »

Overcoming Rejection

Rejection can be an ego-deflating experience for any man. Prior to it, there is always a good experience involved. During a date or two, you always seem to feel something special that you think the other person would reciprocate. You seem hopeful and happy since you think that she is very friendly with you. However, you might be guilty of ... Read More »

Dating After 50- The Benefits

When you think about dating, you usually expect younger adults to be in the mix. But dating has evolved over time to include more and more mature singles. There are now more men and women over 50 who are still single that frequent the dating scene. It is a normal thing nowadays. The way relationships exist now, we find more ... Read More »

Getting Back Up After A Broken Heart

A break up is probably one of the most painful things people can endure. The pain is more emotional than physical. But the experience can also be physically taxing. While a break up can feel that way, people always have that chance of getting back up. Dwelling on the negatives will only pull you into a downward spiral. You must ... Read More »

Technology Can Damage Relationships

The success of relationships depends on the two people that take care of it. But there can be outside factors that can contribute to its demise. Technology is just one of them. We now live in a world where technology has made quite an impact in almost all aspects of our lives. It has the ability to make life more ... Read More »

Connecting On The First Date

A first date can actually be the start of something wonderful for you. You can make an instant romantic connection with the person the first instance you meet. You expect your first meeting to lead to another date. But you begin to wonder why he hasn’t called or invited you to another date yet. Chances are, it is only you ... Read More »

Reasons Why People Cheat In A Relationship

Every relationship is far from perfect. There are times when the cracks come out in the open. By then, you hear about rumors of infidelity and cheating. They have become a threat to any relationship once they happen. Cheating is a means of breaking the trust in a relationship. It can cause hurt, pain and regret to the aggrieved. The ... Read More »

Dating The Smart Way

Whenever people go out on a date, they usually wear their hearts on their sleeves. They always have this assumption that love will finally be within their grasp. For a first date, this may be taking things too seriously. Instead of having romantic delusions on a first date, try to be smarter instead. You will not always be entirely sure ... Read More »

Things You Learn After A Break Up

Breaking up is a painful experience. It can give you that feeling of failure or loss over a relationship. A break up is not always that bad. It may be necessary for a relationship that just won’t work any way you look at it. A break up can also teach you some valuable lessons that will make you wiser and ... Read More »

Handling Awkward Dating Situations

There are certain instances when your date may not actually be going well. There are instances where you can find yourself in an awkward position. Here are some examples and how to effectively handle them. Paying The Bill There are times when going on a dinner date becomes awkward by the time the bill comes. Most of the time, the ... Read More »

OnWatch, Your Personal Dating Safety App

Going on a date with someone you just met can be exciting. A blind date can even be more so. But despite all that excitement you feel, it is also important that you need to feel safe. There are now many cases of violence happening on dates. Going alone on a first date can put you on that same risk. ... Read More »

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