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How to Deal With Naggers

When you first start dating a woman, both of you would put your best foot forward. The two of you would be on your best behavior and each party would try his or her best to impress the other. That’s how it is at the beginning. But as things get steady between the two of you, you start taking each ... Read More »

Ways to Avoid a Fight With Your Spouse

Fights are inevitable in a relationship. It’s not realistic to expect a smooth sailing relationship all the time. Certain wrong turns and bad decisions may come your way. Yes, indeed. You are bound to encounter problems and issues that doesn’t have an easy solution. Most of the time, it is the female party in the relationship who is pointed as ... Read More »

Deconstruction of the Female Orgasm

A woman’s orgasm doesn’t easily come to her, men often have to work hard and follow certain techniques to make his mate reach her peak. But when she does reach it, the power of pleasure is simply unexplainable: from sweet to sublime to superlative. If you have an active sex life, you have probably seen a woman’s orgasm for a ... Read More »

Why Women Depend On Men

Women are difficult to understand. They say one thing but they mean another. However, there are certain things about them that are constant. These things are the stuffs that guys say to drive them out of their minds. Women’s behavior may not change, but there’s still hope for a smooth sailing relationship with women. That is, if guys are willing ... Read More »

How to Appease a Woman Anger

Studies show that a whopping 1.5 million women are physically assaulted by their partners every year. But according to the Center for Disease Control, so are 835,000 men. This means that a simple argument may lead to a serious physical fight, and this can be initiated by a woman. Once upon a time, women may have been looked at as ... Read More »

Time Management for Newlyweds

Some newlyweds get tempted into missing their singlehood, especially during the time when they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  With their married life, they also need to devote their time with their spouse, but sometimes they end up giving too much time to the point that they have forgotten about themselves. Determining how to divide time between ... Read More »

How to Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

Finding out that you are pregnant can cause a variety of emotions, and telling husband about it can have different reactions as well.  It all depends on the situation and lifestyle.  If you have been trying to get pregnant for so many years, or it is a total surprise, talking about pregnancy should be handled with utmost care.  Here are ... Read More »

The Truth Behind Sensitive Men

The word "manly" connotes the strong and silent type of man. Indeed. Strong, silent, and… Unfeeling? Impersonal? Detached? We can put different labels on the insentient, devoid of feeling, if you’re not familiar with the word,  nature of men, but the fact that the typical Adonis grew up in a culture that forbids them to "put their heart on their ... Read More »

Are You Astrologically Compatible with Your Mate?

Relationships often end because of irreconcilable differences. In simple term, having irreconcilable differences with your partner means that you are not compatible with each other. This is evident when your needs are very out of line with your partner’s. Some lovers are demanding and possessive, while others are trusting to their partners and open to all sorts of possibilities. There ... Read More »

Myths About Bisexual Men

The concept of bisexuality has been shrouded by myths. There are a lot of misconceptions about bisexuality because many heterosexuals and even homosexuals misunderstand its nature. The thought of a man who is physically and romantically attracted to both the opposite and same-sex can be really confusing and frequently results in stereotypes. Below are some of the top myths about ... Read More »

Younger Men, Older Women: Can it Work?

Relationships are as normal as M&M is to snack foods, as Nokia is to cell phones and as common as common flus are in the flu season. But what gives on a May-December involving a younger guy and an older woman, which is ablaze these days? It’s not only Hollywood (thanks to Demi and Ashton), this kind of relationship is ... Read More »

Where the Gay and the Lonely Should Go

Life is hard being gay, no matter how seemingly funny they appear in mainstream media.  In reality, gay men struggle to find acceptance in a community.  However, such is not always found within the gay community.  If the gay scene is not for you, perhaps you need to look for other groups or scenes that may make you feel more ... Read More »

Why Women Are Attracted to Older Men

When we see a younger woman dating an older man, the first notion that comes to mind is that "he’s her sugar daddy." But the truth is, it’s not always the case of the middle-aged man going through a midlife crisis wooing a much younger woman using his money. The fact is, there are plenty of women who are attracted ... Read More »

Safe Sex for Lesbians and Bisexual Women

Tips on safer sex are usually targeted towards teenagers and gay men, but what about lesbians and bisexual women?  Do they follow the same rules when it comes to protecting oneself from contracting or transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS?  The answer:  yes, and then some. You should also know that there is no 100-percent protection against contracting ... Read More »

Introducing Your Same-Sex Partner to the Family

After your shocking "Yes, I’m gay" revelation, mom and dad suddenly want to meet your same-sex partner. And so, in the same day, you arrange a dinner social at a nearby French restaurant. The meeting is really awkward at first, but your partner and your parents go along well after a few minutes. Your partner passes with flying colors the ... Read More »

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