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How to Date Online Safely

Meeting with someone through the Net can be exciting, yet at the same time dangerous. Although you get to meet different people from different places, the Internet is not enough to create trust towards another person. Before you venture into this activity, please be cautious and read our tips. Don’t give out personal information – This includes your last name, ... Read More »

How to Plan a Prom Night

Prom is a night for graduating seniors to celebrate their twelve plus years of school. It is one of the last few times that your class will get together and have a good time. Be organized – Have a checklist of everything you need to get done for prom including your dress, activities before and after and who you are ... Read More »

How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings come in a variety of styles. There are several design to choose from when it is time to purchase your engagement ring. Solitaire tiffany setting, Solitaire cathedral setting, Setting with baguette diamonds, Diamond trinity setting, and a Channel setting ring are some of the most basic designs out there. If you’re not sure what to get, we suggest ... Read More »

Meet The Parents

It might seem like a huge mountain to be climber: how do you impress your sweetheart parents? It comes down to few things which you can improve upon in order to get their approval. Dress to impress Going to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend parents, you need to be presentable. Take a good shower, place your hair neatly, wash your ... Read More »

How to Evaluate Diamond Color

Diamonds with very little color are the most highly valued and are priced accordingly. A little color can diminish a diamond’s brilliance. A fluorescence grade of strong or very strong can make a diamond with a near-colorless grade look even whiter yet in some instances give the diamond a slight hazy or oily appearance. Diamonds with a strong or very ... Read More »

Teen: How to Know If He Really Likes You

Do you know if he likes you? The following actions are considered to be real message indicators. He blushes and sweats because you intimidate him. He stares at you. He does things to deliberately gain your attention. He stutters when he speaks to you. His pupils dilate when you are up close and you see them.. He waits for you. He ... Read More »

How to Buy a Diamond

Does the thought of purchasing a diamond ring overwhelm you? Don’t think you know enough about certificates, inclusions, grading scales, and colors? Or do you know the basics, but need a refresher course? A good understanding of diamonds is necessary before you begin shopping. Price – Decide how much you can spend. If you are buying an engagement ring, the ... Read More »

Teen: How To Know If She Really Likes You

How can you tell if a girl likes you or not? There are few little signs that girls often give off that can help you to judge how well you’re doing. The following are the most obvious and telling. She’ll engage in elevated levels of direct eye contact when talking with you. She’ll look more directly into your eyes and hold ... Read More »

Diamond Ring Resources

Diamond Rings: Blue Nile – Features an interactive diamond search, a perfect diamond finder, check out recently purchased diamonds. Their engagement ring department features both pre-set diamonds and build-your-own rings. Diamond Rings: -Large selection of loose diamonds, rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and men’s jewelry, as well as clearance items. Check out engage Read More »

Improve Your Self Confidence

To date successfully you need to increase your confidence levels. Some things you can change quickly, others you will need to practice. Follow these tips to increase your confidence levels: Make a list – List all the things you are not comfortable with about yourself. Be honest – Think about which things you think people may not like about you. ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Finding the right Valentine’s Day gift is probably a difficult shopping experience in any man’s life. We have found some great ideas for Valentine’s gifts for that someone special, to help you arrange the perfect Valentine’s Day. A Special Date – Take your sweetheart out on a romantic date. It can be lunch or dinner, depending on what day Valentine’s ... Read More »

Safe Dating Tips For Teens

First date together – You should go out with another couple or go in a group. Don’t be isolate – Stay in places where other people are near enough to hear you and to be of help. Parking in a remote spot isn’t a good idea at any age. Know your limits –   Before you go on a date, think ... Read More »

Asking Someone Out On a Date

If you like someone and want to know them more, you may have to ask them for a date. This is a standard practice for men, and it is increasingly becoming common among women. If you have someone in mind that you would love to go out with, breathe deeply and follow these guidelines. Ask yourself first – Know why ... Read More »

Things To Do On First Date

If you get yourself a first date—especially from someone you knew before—the first thing that you should consider is how to make it so good that you date would want to see you on a second date. However, it doesn’t take too much stress to prepare about it. Remember that a date is all about knowing the other person better ... Read More »

How to Get a Successful Second Date

You’ve passed through your first date, and it was great. What are you going to do now? Here are some tips that can be helpful for a successful second date. Follow-up Make a follow-up call or send an e-mail to the person two or three days after the first date. Suggest that you wanted to meet him or her again ... Read More »

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