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Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship

A relationship can last long only if it is based on the right reasons. Some are in it for trivial reasons while others are in it for the long run. It can succeed if you know that you are taking care of a healthy relationship. There are certain traits that can tell you if you are in a healthy relationship ... Read More »

Relationships And Your Health

People may associate a relationship to what they feel about life. If they have a successful romantic relationship, they feel happy and loved. If not, people seem to become cranky, depressed or whatever emotional reaction one may have on a failed relationship. But just like these emotions, relationships can also have an effect on your overall health. Here are just ... Read More »

Important Relationship Lessons You Should Know Now

Successful relationships between two people tend to grow better in time. A positive progression is evident the longer people stay together and know each other better. But this does not always come without problems and conflicts along the way. How couples learn to work with these issues together will determine if their relationship will last long or it will end ... Read More »

The Great Thing About Long Distance Relationships

Relationships can thrive in different situations. It does not necessarily matter that two people should always be close by to make a relationship work. Some relationships can work even when there is distance between two people. In addition, there are certain things that partners in such relationships enjoy and appreciate that typical relationships do not. Here are some of them. ... Read More »

Getting Through The Pressures Of A Relationship

A relationship goes through its ups and downs. Couples may seem happy when everything is going smoothly. But at times when the pressures and challenges come, some couples may not be as prepared and can give in easily. It is important for couples to learn how to get through the ups as well as the downs they experience in the ... Read More »

Relationship Myths And Realities

People have several preconceived notions about relationships. It is set in their mindset that relationships should follow an ideal. There is that something they expect from the romantic relationships they develop. But sometimes, these expectations are too far from reality. In the end they get frustrated and fail to make the relationship grow. Here are some relationship myths and the ... Read More »

Reasons Why People Stay In Bad Relationships

There are times when relationships do not work they way they should. Couples understand this and agree to part ways. But surprisingly, there are relationships that are not meant to be but still go on. Some people just do not want to stop a relationship even though it is dysfunctional and damaging to one or both parties. There are certain ... Read More »

Transforming Your Relationship From Good To Great

Couples enjoy having a lovely romantic relationship. It seems that there is nothing more to ask for. But just like in many other aspects of life, making good things great is even a better notion. In the same way, couples can do something in order to make a good relationship great. It does not always have to be the most ... Read More »

Advantages Of Introverts At Relationships

Relationships usually involve two people dealing with different character traits. Sometimes the difference may not be that great. Sometimes, the difference between two people may be like the Grand Canyon. But surprisingly, love and relationships can blossom both ways. It is how people deal with the differences in their relationship that allows them to stay together. Some people tend to ... Read More »

Balancing Work and Relationships

People sometimes find it a challenge to balance life. Some may prioritize some things over others. One of the common challenges is trying to balance work or career and relationships. Both are important for many people. But the struggle lies in trying to make them co-exist. Here are some tips to help people learn how to balance work and relationships ... Read More »

Signs You Are Not Meant For Each Other

Successful relationships are meant for people who belong with each other. It takes more than just destiny to make any relationship work. It requires the cooperation of both parties to make a relationship work. But there are also signs that will help tell people whether they are really meant for each other or not. Here are just some of them. ... Read More »

Reasons People Need Relationships

People may have many questions regarding relationships. Some might feel that they are better off alone and on their own. But there are certain reasons why people need relationships. They might not be obvious for some people. But these reasons apply to everyone. Here are some of them. The Need To Communicate People have this yearning to communicate. Sharing of ... Read More »

How Humor Can Help Relationships

There are many different things that can help relationships thrive and blossom through time. Humor is just one of them. Humor and laughter can help keep any relationship strong by helping partners find the brighter side of every trial and struggle. It helps provide some light moments in many stressful situations. Here are some ways of how humor can help ... Read More »

Maintaining The Balance In a Relationship

A successful romantic relationship depends on the balance of certain factors. Learning how to strike up the perfect balance of different things that can contribute to the relationship is an essential and important task that couples need to do. Here are some tips to help you maintain a successful and well-balanced relationship. Be realistic about expectations. People have certain expectations ... Read More »

Rules For a Happy Relationship

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Relationships are sensitive to time and change. How people are able to work out through these factors that will determine whether they maintain a happy relationship. There are also certain rules to follow in order for couples to keep their relationship strong, healthy and happy. Here are some important ones to bear in mind. Respect each other by being open ... Read More »

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