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Common Mistakes Many Couples Make

Many couples go through a rough patch at certain times of the relationship. The successful couples know the right thing to do when faced with certain circumstances. Others continue to make the same mistakes. Here are some of the more common relationship mistakes that many couples tend to make. Failure to deal with debts One of the main reasons why ... Read More »

Reviving A Lukewarm Relationship

In any relationship, there are times when partners may feel lukewarm towards each other. Sometimes, it may seem that the love is slowly slipping away. That is common in many relationships. The only difference is what couples do about it. Passion is a relationship that is no longer burning that brightly may take work. It requires immediate action. Sadly, enough, ... Read More »

The Body Language Of Lying

Trust is always important in any relationship. It is the glue that keeps two people together. When that trust is compromised, such as when a partner starts lying, the relationship may become strained. It takes considerable effort to bring back the same trust on each other once it is broken. It is hard to determine whether your partner may be ... Read More »

Rules Of Public Fighting For Couples

While disagreements and conflicts in a relationship may be normal and common, couples should try to keep it between themselves as much as possible. There may be certain cases where couples may end up arguing or fighting in public. It may be embarrassing if the couple do not have some sense of control over the fight. That is why it ... Read More »

Relationship Rules People Often Ignore

Couples in a successful relationship do not leave everything to chance. They purposefully work to keep their love and their relationship alive and grow. Behind all they work they do are certain relationship rules that they follow. A relationship governed by rules has the best chance of surviving and making it through trials. The rules should be set by the ... Read More »

Signs That Your Partner Is Unhappy With The Relationship

Every relationship goes through different problems. Sometimes couples do not realize that the relationship may be in trouble. They just go through the motions of being in a relationship, not knowing that one partner may already be unhappy. Here are signs that may indicate an unhappy partner in a relationship. Lesser Communication An unhappy partner may sometimes not say it ... Read More »

What Makes People Fear Getting Into A Relationship

People may have different views on relationships. Some may welcome it while others seem to dread it. Even some people are afraid of getting into relationships, to the point of it being a phobia. There are many reasons for this. Here are some of them. Some people do not like change. There are some people who prefer their life as ... Read More »

How Couples Can Avoid Fighting Over Money

Arguments and conflicts in relationships can start for a number of different reasons. Money is one of them. Couples sometimes cannot avoid having arguments over money and finances. It should be one of those conflicts that couples should try to resolve as soon as possible. They should try to prevent it from getting worse by the day. A recent study ... Read More »

Signs A Long-Distance Relationship Is In Trouble

A long-distance relationship can be quite a challenge for any couple. Although it is not impossible with the help of technology, patience and true love, it is always more difficult to maintain over long periods compared to relationships where partners are always close together physically. It may be prone to break up after a certain period of time being away ... Read More »

Technology Can Damage Relationships

The success of relationships depends on the two people that take care of it. But there can be outside factors that can contribute to its demise. Technology is just one of them. We now live in a world where technology has made quite an impact in almost all aspects of our lives. It has the ability to make life more ... Read More »

Coping Up With Relationship Struggles

Every relationship comes with its ups and downs. How the couple copes up with the struggles that will define how strong their relationship is. Outside forces may affect the relationship in so many ways- a job loss, a health problem, or a financial crisis. Here are some tips that will help you learn how to handle such situations as a ... Read More »

Warning Signs Your Relationship May Be Suffering

There are relationships that stay strong over the years. There are also others that become weak over time. There are some relationships that struggle on even though couples are no longer happy with each other. Based on the length of time alone, it is difficult to determine whether a relationship is successful or not. Any relationship can either thrive or ... Read More »

Arguments Men Should Avoid

In any relationship, there are always arguments that can get in the way of any harmonious bonding. But conflict is considered common and even normal. The problem lies in how the couple handles each conflict. For the men, they should realize that there are some arguments that they can stand up for. There are others that they are better off ... Read More »

Fighting Fair- Rules For Couples In Conflict

In any relationship, having occasional conflicts is normal. Couples can get into arguments and disagreements but still love each other. The only problem is that some couples do not know how to treat conflicts the right way. This can make the conflict become even worse. Finding resolution becomes difficult. Couples should know the proper rules in fighting fair. Here are ... Read More »

Habits That Make You Vulnerable To Emotional Affairs

An emotional affair is a relatively new term for affairs between people that usually just involve having an emotional connection but does not lead to a physical one. An emotional affair can happen between people who meet online and develop romantic feelings with each other but stay within a non-physical boundary. It becomes an emotional affair if it slowly begins ... Read More »

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