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Factors That Cause New Relationships To Fail

People who like to go into a new relationship will need to look at different things to see if it will work out. While some may try to make a relationship work out, there are certain factors that they need to look for. This will indicate whether a new relationship has that chance of succeeding or if it is doomed ... Read More »

What Couples Can Do About Stress In The Relationship

Overwhelming stress can be one of those factors that cause any relationship to suffer. Couples can experience stress from various fronts- work, business, family, finances, health and each other. Some couples know how to deal with it and cope up. Others are not so lucky. Too much stress can put a strain on any relationship. How couples are able to ... Read More »

Study Shows Long Term Couples Handle Conflict By Ignoring It

Many people would like to have a long term romantic relationship. It is the wish of every couple to stay together for the longest time possible. One of the keys for relationships to stay strong is the way couples handle conflicts. Many couples may have different ways of handling conflict. But a recent study involving older couples show that the ... Read More »

Relationships With Wide Age-Gaps

It is common knowledge that most relationships happen between two people of almost similar ages. If there are age gaps, then it may just be somewhere within two or three years. One main reason for this is that people of similar ages tend to have several things in common with each other. It also allows both people to see each ... Read More »

Rekindle A Souring Relationship

Every relationship has its high points and low points. There are instances when the love shared slowly erodes because of time and complacency. The excitement diminishes through the years. Over time, some people even make mistakes that can affect the relationship. Some can live with it for a while. However, there comes a time when the bad experiences within the ... Read More »

Understanding Rebound Relationships

There are people who would want to get into a new relationship just after a break up. This is commonly called as a rebound relationship.  There are certain reasons that will make people go into rebound relationships. People should understand that it is dependent on such reasons whether the rebound relationship can last or end up as the next breakup. ... Read More »

Fighting Without Ruining Your Relationship

In every relationship, there will always be arguments and disagreements. The only difference between relationships that last and those that do not is by the way that couples resolve such conflicts. In a way, fighting between couples is always a possibility in every relationship. It is the manner of how they fight that matters. Here are some tips for couples ... Read More »

Fixing A Bad Relationship

Not all relationships end up always smooth sailing and happy. At some point, couples may experience going through a bad situation that will make them think that they may be in a bad relationship. The initial experience may have been good and happy. But after some time, some perceptions may change as people get to know more about each other. ... Read More »

Reasons You Are Still Single

There are people who are happily into relationships and there are others who are happy bring single. But then again, there are also a group of people who are still unhappily single. Even after all these years of looking out for someone, they unfortunately have not been able to do so. And there are several possible reasons why. Here are ... Read More »

Money Issues In A Relationship

There are many different problems that confront couples in many ways. Whether they are somewhat trivial or serious, these problems can have a substantial effect on the relationship if they are not addressed the right way. A common problem that many couples usually experience is centered on money. When it comes to money, many couples can sometimes find it difficult ... Read More »

Understanding Emotional Unavailability

A relationship can be considered as a success if two people have been working together to try and make the relationship last. It is always a challenge for couples top maintain that level of love and excitement that they first felt at that very first phase of the relationship. But over time, many things can happen that will affect the ... Read More »

Wrong Ways Of Getting Back Your Man

There are times when women feel that a soured relationship still has the chance of blossoming. A breakup may have occurred not because of serious problems or issues. It can sometimes come about simply because both people just did not spend more time nurturing the relationship. When a woman realizes this and that she needs to bring back her man, ... Read More »

Signs That You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Love and a good relationship go hand in hand together. But there are times when people can have a wrong perception of both. Some may think that they are in a loving relationship when the truth is, they are a victim of abuse. Many women may fail to see whether they are in an abusive relationship simply because they fail ... Read More »

Stopping Verbal Abuse in a Relationship

Verbal abuse is a common problem among many couples today. It is the woman who usually ends up the victim. Verbal abuse can come in different shapes and forms. They may be subtle or they can be flat out direct and damaging. Both ways, they can cause harm emotionally and mentally. A problem with verbal abuse is that the woman ... Read More »

Identifying Verbal Abuse In a Relationship

Abuse can come in different forms in a relationship. Aside from physical abuse, verbal abuse can also have a similar sting as well. In the case of women in the relationship, verbal abuse comes with a lingering effect that eventually can be detrimental to how a woman feels. Only fools believe that words can’t hurt. It rather justifies that verbal ... Read More »

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