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Dealing With Loneliness

Loneliness is a human condition that affects people in many different ways. Some can be lonely and still be happy. Some can’t stand even just a minute of it. But the fact is, most of us experience it in life in its many forms. And when loneliness begins to rear its ugly head, it helps to know what to do ... Read More »

Diabetics And Relationships

Trying to establish a relationship with the opposite sex is harder and a challenge by itself. It is not always easy to build up and it takes that right amount of magic and hard work in order to succeed in a relationship. It is hard enough for normal and healthy people. It surely would be harder for people having to ... Read More »

Avoiding Dating Violence

Sometimes, even the sweetest of romantic relationships can turn sour, or worse even violent. The National Center for Victims of Crime define dating violence as an “emotional, physical or mental abuse within the bounds of a romantic or potential relationship.” The signs that your romantic partner can be violent and abusive is visible even during the first date, but you ... Read More »

Should You Be Together Even If You Fight?

Some couples begin their relationship well. They go out a lot, laugh a lot, get intimate one time too many. But as months pass, they begin to argue at even the pettiest of things. While others would say arguing is just part of being a couple, dating experts believe otherwise. Having a major argument with the first year of the ... Read More »

How to fight with your man

Here is also some advice from Dr. Phil 1.keep it private. Don’t make it everyone’s business, have respect for your partner and yourself. 2.Keep it real. Deal with the issue at hand, not with a symptom of the problem. Get real about what is bothering you, or you will come away from the exchange even more frustrated. 3.Avoid character assassination. ... Read More »

Are You Dating a Sociopath?

What kinds of people end up being deceived by the people they are dating? Let me start by saying people like my former husband are not “crazy” — they’re sociopaths, or people who lack moral consciences. When you first meet them, sociopaths appear to be very well-adjusted. They may even be the life of the party. But they’re human predators ... Read More »

10 Tell Tale Signs He is Not Mr. Right

Sign # 1 If he does not listen to you and continuously disregards your feelings about an issue, chances are he is Mr. Wrong. Mr. Right would take the time to hear you out and take your feelings into consideration. Sign # 2 If he is forever yelling at you for one thing or another he is far from Mr. ... Read More »

Should You Date More than One Person at a Time?

You find a really hot date and you think the relationship is hitting off well.  But days later, you are shocked to learn that he is actually dating two other women, saying that you and he are not in a romantic relationship anyway.  Some people would even meet more people for casual sex even if they are currently dating another ... Read More »

Dealing with a Flirtatious Partner

Have you experienced going on a date with your romantic partner and you have observed him looking at other ladies passing by?  You told him that his actions offend you and though he seems apologetic, he just could not resist staring at persons of the opposite sex. Should you really feel upset?  Could this be a sign that he is ... Read More »

Stress in Relationship

Conflicts in a relationship are inevitable and can stress both romantic partners. The question is: Which one does a relationship conflict stress more, men or women? The attachment style of a person can predict his or her stress response to conflict with a partner, but the vulnerable attachment styles are very different in men and women. This is according to ... Read More »

Is Your Boyfriend Not Marriage Material?

Sometimes love is not the only consideration when deciding to get married. Marriage is a very important matter and you have to know whether your boyfriend is marriage material. Here are some ways to tell if he is or isn’t the marrying kind: Job hopping If your boyfriend keeps going from job to job, imagine what your life would be ... Read More »

How to Fix a Bad Relationship

No one can be blamed if a person ends up with a worthless partner in a romantic relationship. The meeting stage on a date displays the best side of both partners, which usually diminish or alter as the relationship progresses. However, that does not mean this relationship should end outright. If you find yourself in a bad relationship, consider making ... Read More »

How to Communicate with Your Boyfriend

It’s been a couple of days since your boyfriend’s last SMS. You are panicking. What if he’s with another woman? What if he doesn’t love you anymore? What if he thinking about breaking up with you? When your normally communicative boyfriend has suddenly gone missing, you always think about worst-case scenarios. Stop it. What you should do? If you keep ... Read More »

When the Person You Love Is HIV Positive

The increasing availability of the latest therapies and medication for people living with HIV/AIDS means that many of them can look forward to healthier and much longer futures. The prospect of dating, marriage, and making important plans and decisions with a partner is now a reality for HIV-positive individuals who can keep their viral loads down. Having a relationship with ... Read More »

The Importance of Sleep Compatibility

Compatibility in couples is one of the factors that make a relationship last. There’s personality compatibility, sexual compatibility, religious compatibility, and even cultural compatibility. Of late, though, there is also what we call sleep compatibility. The spotlight has turned on sleep compatibility because the numbers of couples who are sleeping apart have increased over the years. Surveys show that in Read More »

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