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How to Stop Being a Possessive

Both men and women can become possessive. Possessiveness is a common relationship problem among young and older adults and being a possessive partner is something people in relationships should avoid. What causes a person to become possessive? Possessiveness is triggered by insecurity. This insecurity comes from various places. It could be your parents’ divorce, a parent or both parents leaving ... Read More »

Is Your Partner Using Money to Control You?

Having a possessive partner in a relationship is not uncommon. In fact, it’s one of the most common relationship problems, and one of the most common reasons why couples break up. Having a controlling partner is not healthy. In fact, it could hurt your self-esteem. Control may even breed abuse. And you must stop the situation before anything happens. Make ... Read More »

How to Deal with a Nagging Woman

For men, a nagging woman may simply mean one thing: a pain in the ears. Naggers know what they are doing and they will not stop until they get what they want. And that is all what we have to remember about nagging. But, of course, nagging can be so tiring it drives us insane. Thus we end up with ... Read More »

How Pornography Affects Relationships

Pornography affects relationships implicitly rather than in an open way. Though it is still perceived as a taboo, pornography remains ubiquitous ever since it has entered mainstream society. How it affects the women? But how is it that watching porn is harmful to a relationship? It implicates a dissatisfied attitude toward one’s spouse. This then leads to low self-esteem for ... Read More »

Understanding a Woman Silence

When a couple starts to fight more often than they used to, it is usually the woman who initiates it. Women broach certain issues and they can’t seem to see the end of it. Each time it seems there would be something new to start an argument with. From petty things to the more serious issues, many women can’t seem ... Read More »

How to Deal With Naggers

When you first start dating a woman, both of you would put your best foot forward. The two of you would be on your best behavior and each party would try his or her best to impress the other. That’s how it is at the beginning. But as things get steady between the two of you, you start taking each ... Read More »

Ways to Avoid a Fight With Your Spouse

Fights are inevitable in a relationship. It’s not realistic to expect a smooth sailing relationship all the time. Certain wrong turns and bad decisions may come your way. Yes, indeed. You are bound to encounter problems and issues that doesn’t have an easy solution. Most of the time, it is the female party in the relationship who is pointed as ... Read More »

Why Women Depend On Men

Women are difficult to understand. They say one thing but they mean another. However, there are certain things about them that are constant. These things are the stuffs that guys say to drive them out of their minds. Women’s behavior may not change, but there’s still hope for a smooth sailing relationship with women. That is, if guys are willing ... Read More »

How to Appease a Woman Anger

Studies show that a whopping 1.5 million women are physically assaulted by their partners every year. But according to the Center for Disease Control, so are 835,000 men. This means that a simple argument may lead to a serious physical fight, and this can be initiated by a woman. Once upon a time, women may have been looked at as ... Read More »

Dealing with Rebound Relationships

You are on a relationship, but you feel that your partner is still could not get over his or her previous relationship. You are probably on a rebound relationship, wherein your partner is still affected by a previous significant relationship. It affects the quality of the current relationship or how your partner perceives it. A person in a rebound relationship ... Read More »

Codependent Relationships

Codependent Relationship refers to a situation wherein one of the party in a relationship is unhealthy emotional dependent to the other. All relationships in fact are actually codependent but when the emotional dependency is already becoming very much unhealthy then that is where the problem starts to come in. The term co dependence is connected to any addiction such as ... Read More »

Is He The Wrong Man?

Have you ever experienced being so annoyed with some guy only to end being so attracted to him? He’s the type who will start a saucy conversation with you and by the end of the night, you see him in totally different – quite attractive – light. Then, you feel that you are ready to be in a serious relationship ... Read More »

Insecurities in Relationship

The real deal is that the arising of insecurity is an involuntary issue and only a few people may fully understand and stay aware of their own insecurities which might be interpolated in a new relationship and other relationships as well. It’s a fact that most of the insecurities brought into a new relationship were acquired from past relationships. Too ... Read More »

Controlling and Abusive Relationship

Before you start panicking whether there’s a warning sign in your forehead indicating that you might be in an abusive relationship, it’s important to note how a relationship can be abusive anyway. Abuse can sometimes be mistaken for intense feelings of caring or concern. It can even seem flattering. However, excessive jealousy and controlling behavior are not signs of affection ... Read More »

How to Cope with a Controlling Partner

It would be very important to handle and cope with a controlling partner. Once you realized that your relationship is starting to get shaky, it is precious for you to stand in the continuum, look at the problem with an open mind and decipher on the situation. A controlling partner isn’t innate; at times they have the reason to be ... Read More »

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