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How to Stop Being Controlling

t’s OK to be critical on things that surround you, especially if you’re doing research works, but having the need to be critical and in control of everything can be tiring. If you are a control freak, your family, friends and other loved ones may sway away and get irritated with your behavior. A controlling personality may have tolerable actions ... Read More »

Dealing with a Possessive Partner

The good news is, it’s ok to be jealous. It’s a normal human emotion and all of us have felt it at some point in our life, probably frequently. A mild jealousy in a relationship is also natural; when you find your partner paying attention or admiring another man or woman, or if you find you don’t get enough attention ... Read More »

Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Not all relationships are equal. It is usual for couples to have certain issues that they try to iron out, but there are relationships where one partner tends to over-dominate the other. In that case, the partnership is abusive. It is not healthy, and it is a big problem. People are being submitted in an abusive relationship are often in ... Read More »

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