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Top Traits Women Look For In Men

People have certain ideals when looking out for a relationship. There are certain traits they want to find in an ideal partner. When it comes to women, here are the top traits that they usually look for in men. This was based on two polls conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and Best Life Magazine. The polls were composed of 1,000 ... Read More »

Impressing Women On A First Date

There are many ways that a man can impress a woman on a first date. It always takes some time and effort to achieve. The man only needs to make the right moves to impress women. It doesn’t always depend on looks and money all of the time. Here are some tips that are very effective in trying to impress ... Read More »

Tips To Help You Pick Up Women

Men are naturally fierce creatures, that is, until they find fiercer women. But in the game of romance, it is the men who try to always make the first move. Picking up women is a skill that men develop. Unfortunately, some men just cannot seem to acquire the skills naturally. Most of them may need help. Here are some practical ... Read More »

Questions Men Need To Avoid Asking On A Date

Dating is a chance for men to get to know their date better. Of course, they would want to ask some questions during conversations. However, there are certain things that men should avoid asking women, especially when they seem to get more comfortable with each other during the course of the date. Here are some of those questions. Have you ... Read More »

Things Ladies First Notice In Guys During Dates

Dating is all about making impressions. This is where attraction starts and relationships develop. Guys trying to make a good first impression need to know about what the ladies may notice first during the initial meeting. Most women may generally notice the same things about the guy during that first date. Here are some of them. Hotness Level The first ... Read More »

Telltale Body Language Of Attraction

Meeting on a first date is always a guessing game. A person will try to look for some signs of attraction. This will help determine if the date will go along smoothly or not. The best way to look for these signs is the other person’s body language. Here are some types of body language that will help you find ... Read More »

Improving Your Dating Confidence

Some people enjoy dating. There are others, on the other hand, who find it difficult. Some people are just too shy to date. They find it hard to summon enough courage to approach someone they like or have a conversation. It is always about a lack of confidence. But there is always a way to improve. Here are some tips ... Read More »

Overcoming Rejection

Rejection can be an ego-deflating experience for any man. Prior to it, there is always a good experience involved. During a date or two, you always seem to feel something special that you think the other person would reciprocate. You seem hopeful and happy since you think that she is very friendly with you. However, you might be guilty of ... Read More »

Health And Hygiene Issues That Can Ruin Your Date

You need to prepare well for a date if you wish to make a good first impression. You need to look good. That is why you need good grooming habits to ensure that your date will not be put off by how you look. But more than that, there are some other things that you also need to look into ... Read More »

Sensitive Conversations During A Date

Dating can be either a memorable or a forgettable experience, depending on how you treat it. A majority of the time that you spend on a date involves conversation. Dating talk allows you to know more about your dating partner and vice versa. However, you should also be careful of the topics that you take up during your conversations. A ... Read More »

Wrong Ideas About Being Single

Being single can mean different things to different people. But how other people see singlehood can also affect how we view the situation. The public may have a certain perception of being single that we also tend to accept. But in reality, such perceptions may not be entirely true. Here are some of the wrong ideas that we might have ... Read More »

For the Guys: Improving Your Flirting Skills

Flirting is an art that most guys do not get instantly. Women are more adept at it, using their body language to entice men. But sadly enough, most men do not know how to respond back. The art of attraction becomes more exciting with a little bit of flirting. When some guys like a woman, they simply tell them the ... Read More »

Reasons For Staying Single

There are people who cherish singlehood not because they want to be sad and lonely but because it offers them the type of life that they want to live. There are many good reasons why people like to stay single. “I have total control over my time.” People in a relationship or in a marriage do not have this luxury. ... Read More »

Dating Tips for Guys, According to Katharine McPhee

“Smash” star and “American Idol” runner-up Katharine McPhee dishes out in the UK version of Men’s Health on what men should do in difficult dating situations. In an interview, McPhee tells men to be natural and straightforward when giving their phone number, as well as make women laugh. Here are some of her dating tips for guys in greater detail: ... Read More »

Essential Dating Tips for Men, From Online to Offline

As much as online dating sites and apps encourage its members to be as honest as possible in their profiles, down to the photos they upload on their profiles, they cannot help but spice their profiles by adding bits of information that may not be true. Yes, even down to the profile photo. Some users would check out online forums ... Read More »

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