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How Men Can Attract Women

They say that it does not really matter if you have the good looks to catch a pretty lady date.  However observe how animals behave during mating season and see how the female species choose their mates.  Females will always go for the most virile male, who has the strongest genes, or the most compatible immune system.  In the end, ... Read More »

Dining Etiquette Tips to Impress a Woman

Dinner at a chic hot spot. The food was great. The music was soothing. It was a lovely evening. Everything was just perfect for a first date. Or so you thought. The woman you are courting has not called you since your dinner date. Were you chewing with your mouth open? Did you slurp your soup? Were you laughing hard? ... Read More »

10 Tips to Making a Good Impression

Ever heard of the saying "first impressions last"? Of course you have. The Axe commercial made sure of that. As tacky as it sounds, there is truth to the old Axe adage. And while the Axe commercial is all about catching a girl’s attention and making good impression on her, I doubt if the cologne brand would be able to ... Read More »

Men Fashion Dress Code for First Date

Ah, the dream date. It promises something exciting and hopefully, a very impressive ending. Of course, it also comes with a tremendous amount of anxiety as you want to impress your date while also enjoying yourself. To help you ease your worries on dream-date dressing, this article outlines some of the common dream-date scenarios – aside from the usual dinner ... Read More »

Building Self-Confidence with Women

Men have often been branded as "the stronger sex." However, having brute physical strength is nothing if you do not have the self-confidence to back it up. It would be nice to do some little mental strengthening every once in a while. With more self-confidence, you impress more women, giving you more chances of getting into a more successful romantic ... Read More »

Why Nice Guys Finish Last

It has been a common statement in the dating scene that nice guys always finish last. It may seem absurd to some nice guys why women would prefer the opposite. It may seem unfair that women tend to go for men who seem not to give them any care in the world. Now why is this so? Although some nice ... Read More »

Restaurant Tipping Guide

Going out on a date can be complicated for some people. Some of the things may not just involve the date itself but the whole process. And sometimes there are some minute things during date that just would put guys in some precarious situations. Take tipping for example. Although going out often has been a common affair, a lot of ... Read More »

How Guys Screw Up First Dates

It is like a bad movie script. Boy meets girl. They get along well the first time they met. They agreed to meet another time. On their first time alone together, boy loses girl. What happened in between? Besides the circumstances, somebody usually fouls up. More often than not, it is the man’s fault. Here are the common sand traps ... Read More »

How to Compliment a Woman

Women love compliments. Giving them can be a very simple way for a man to make them feel loved and cared for. What makes giving compliments even more appealing is that it does not cost very much for a man to give out. If practiced as a habit, giving compliments to a woman can even help make relationships last. But ... Read More »

How to Deal with Rejection From Women

It may not be a good thing, but rejections are pretty common in the dating scene, where first impressions matter. Let’s face it, most women look for men according to their own ideals and expectations. And if the man does not fit within their long checklist, most of the time they reject the poor fellow. How are you supposed to ... Read More »

Being Single at Weddings

Being single at weddings is not something to cry about. Just because a friend has gone on to taking that next step in a relationship and get married, and with you being only a few of those left single, should not be a cause of concern. You might feel that you are losing a friend since some priorities might change ... Read More »

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