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Being Single at Weddings

Being single at weddings is not something to cry about. Just because a friend has gone on to taking that next step in a relationship and get married, and with you being only a few of those left single, should not be a cause of concern. You might feel that you are losing a friend since some priorities might change ... Read More »

How to Keep a Woman Attracted to You

In the art and ritual of romance and relationships, attracting a woman is basically the first step. But every man should not stop there. The next step would probably be more difficult and challenging, not to mention the effort that you have to go through to succeed at it. The next step is how to keep a woman attracted to ... Read More »

Overcoming Insecurities

Some men tend to stay away from women they are attracted to, thinking that they would be rejected right away. The truth is that they will get rejected, unless they revise their program completely. We tend to feel insecure towards the opposite sex for several reasons, mainly because of lack of self-confidence. It’s all boils down to the way we ... Read More »

First Date Conversation Starters

Your first date with a woman can take a lot of time to overcome your shyness and get to know each other. One way to break the awkward silence is to strike up a conversation with her. However, what exactly should we talk about? Are there any topics that we are not supposed to discuss with a prospective partner? You ... Read More »

Building Self Confidence

Women are drawn in more towards men who are more confident than others. In the fierce competitive dating world, confidence is a sign of how successful or powerful a man is, as these two are part of the parameters that women look for in men. But how does a guys develop self confidence? Is he supposed to be wealthy or ... Read More »

Dating Pick-Up Lines

We have probably heard almost every pick-up line invented on earth, from the usual “What’s your sign” to the cheesiest of “I must be in heaven because I’m seeing an angel.” Men usually use this as a way to break the ice, but do they really work? Truth is, it can be helpful, and some of the lines does magic ... Read More »

Nice Things To Do For Her

Demonstrate your love for the special woman in your life in a number of small deeds. For starters, flowers and candy on special occasions are always nice, but you can also surprise a woman by offering smaller gestures on a daily basis. She would appreciate your thoughtfulness and understand that you are trying to how her how much she means ... Read More »

What Do Women Want

Men find women a mystery. No matter how many women you may have met, chances are you still do not understand them. But women do have their wants towards their men, and here are some of them. Confidence – This can be portrayed in numerous ways, from the “preppy and intelligent” guy to the “sporty” type to the “bad boy” ... Read More »

Things That Turn Women Off

Aside from knowing what women want, you should also be aware of what steers them off from your direction. Here are some things that would definitely turn them off. Flirting with other women – Even if you are on the dating phase, flirting—or even looking—at other women signify that you are not interested with your date. Getting drunk, in front ... Read More »

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