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Common Dating Mistakes Women Make

Dating can be an exciting experience of most people. But for those who may be looking for love and romance, it can be a serious undertaking. There are reasons why some people enjoy having successful romantic relationships and others do not. One of them is that some people engage in some unhealthy dating patterns that do not always lead to ... Read More »

Five Types Of Men You Might Be Dating

Going on a date with someone for the first time can be both exciting and tense at the same time. It can be exciting because you get the chance to meet someone with the potential to start a relationship with. It can be tense because you may end up dating someone who ends up the opposite of your ideal man. ... Read More »

Know Your Date By How He Handles A Beer Bottle

Experts will tell you that you can know a guy better by his actions. How he does certain things can give you clues about his personality and traits. On date night, you might want to check out how handles his drink. Here are some of the things that you can interpret from how he handles his favorite beverage. Holding Beer ... Read More »

Beyond Good Looks- Other Qualities Men Look for In Women

There is this so-called fact that men are generally attracted to good looks in women. There is some grain of truth in this one. Men are considered as easily stimulated by visual cues. They tend to be attracted to beauty and things that they like to see. But in the game of love, women should know that beyond the good ... Read More »

Tips For Women: How To Avoid Getting Friend Zoned

Women looking for love and romance may sometimes face a lot of challenges along the way. One of them is the possibility of getting friend zoned. Some women expect guys they go out with to share the same romantic feelings as they do. But unfortunately, some guys see nothing more than just friendship. It turns out that they just liked ... Read More »

Signs That You Are Getting Friend Zoned

Meeting people with romantic intentions is always a challenge. Despite all the things you have done right, there is always this risk of getting friend zoned. It is a term to denote a one-sided situation where someone who is expecting love and romance to a particular person end up being considered as a friend. When one professes love to someone ... Read More »

Common Words Lying Boyfriends Use

In any relationship, lying is an issue that always gets the most attention among couples. Some people believe that a little lie here and there will not do any harm. But there is always a risk of lies becoming a habit. Eventually it can have a damaging effect the more lies enter into the picture. In many cases, women have ... Read More »

Signs Men Show Their Love

Men are generally more secretive in directly showing what they feel. They may not always say it to you directly. This is what confuses many women. Men find it difficult to say “I love you” to their partners. Even if they do not, that does not necessarily mean that there is no love shared. Men would prefer to show their ... Read More »

Signs Your Date Wants To Kiss You

You are on a date with a guy for some time now. You feel this connection developing. But then you are on that awkward stage of knowing whether the feeling is mutual. One thing that will eventually answer your question is with a kiss. Some guys will not tell you outright what they feel. They sometimes will just show it ... Read More »

Looking Sexy Without Really Trying

Women like to attract the boys by looking good and sexy. But most women think looking sexy is hard work. They usually have a particular notion that sexiness is all about looks. But being sexy can also be about your attitude. You do not have to be slim or have a pretty face to be sexy. Here are some tips ... Read More »

Signs You Are Dating An Immature Man

Women are always on the lookout for their ideal man. This usually includes men who they can depend on. It includes a certain level of maturity that they admire from suave gentlemen. But there are times when women find themselves knowing someone who is just the opposite. The women may end up dating someone they believe might be an immature ... Read More »

Connecting On The First Date

A first date can actually be the start of something wonderful for you. You can make an instant romantic connection with the person the first instance you meet. You expect your first meeting to lead to another date. But you begin to wonder why he hasn’t called or invited you to another date yet. Chances are, it is only you ... Read More »

OnWatch, Your Personal Dating Safety App

Going on a date with someone you just met can be exciting. A blind date can even be more so. But despite all that excitement you feel, it is also important that you need to feel safe. There are now many cases of violence happening on dates. Going alone on a first date can put you on that same risk. ... Read More »

Sexy Tricks Men Don’t Find Sexy

There are certain things that women do that turns men on or turns them off. In the game of seduction, this knowledge can be a great help for women trying to attract guys. There are certain actions that women think drives men wild. These actions are usually influenced by popular culture and the movies. But in reality, they work as ... Read More »

Dating Tips Straight From The Guys

Women usually think that they know men from head to foot. They are usually in for a surprise when they go on an actual date with them. When the date does not go out smoothly, one reason is simply because there are many things that women just do not know about men yet. Well, here are some helpful dating tips ... Read More »

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