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Dating a Football Addict

One aspect about men that women cannot seem to understand is their fanaticism over sports, especially football which is the number one spectator sport in the United States. You clean the mess your partner makes while watching Monday Night Football and you still wonder what makes a sport featuring 22 oversized men appealing. It has something to do with men’s ... Read More »

Are You His Girlfriend?

Dating has evolved over the years.  What used to be a long round of courtship, wherein men would wait for the women’s decision to go out with them, has become a series of casual dating.  The problem with this is that you might end up confused as to whether the two of you are already a couple or still into ... Read More »

Why Do Some Guy Commit Too Fast

Different relationships go through several processes. And people will encounter different people who look at relationships in many different ways. Some may find it hard to find someone who they can start a relationship with. And sometimes some men may become so desperate as too try to commit themselves to someone quite early. Is this okay? First of all, guys ... Read More »

Qualities Men Want In a Wife

When men try to find someone to start a long term relationship with, they look upon certain qualities that they find attractive in women. It happens that there are certain qualities in women that men in general try to look for. Here are some of the qualities and traits that most men try to look for when looking for not ... Read More »

Dating a Committed Man

Tired of week-long "relationships" and dating guys who just won’t commit? Then it’s time to ditch the commitment phobic you are currently dating and look for Mr. Commitment. But how do you spot a committed guy? Here are 10 signs to clue you in: His friends are married Research shows that if a guy’s friends are already married, then he ... Read More »

When The Perfect Man Is Broke

Here’s the thing. If you are a totally hot (IHOP) waitress and you are okay, your man won’t care. But if you are a totally gorgeous (IHOP) waiter and you are okay, your woman will care. It’s not you, it’s our (patriarchal) society. Men feel the pressure to earn more, pay more, treat more in dates and in relationships. I’m ... Read More »

Types of Women Men Avoid

Love can be quite an interesting topic between men and women. People may confuse love with attraction and vice versa. But with love, sometimes attraction may come first. Love may seem to grow with attraction to the opposite sex. But that doesn’t quite work like that most of the time. Attraction is important for most people when it comes to ... Read More »

Why Do Men Wait to Call

Have you ever wondered why do guys have to wait for up to three days after your first date before calling you up? Well, there is a reason for that. You see, guys do not want to appear too interested towards his date, even though he really likes her. Guys usually call his date several days after their first meeting ... Read More »

Seducing a Man According to His Zodiac

One way of catching the man of your dreams is by customizing your seduction style according to his Sun sign. We all know that men behave differently and we can’t help but wonder if they are guided by their respective zodiacs. It doesn’t hurt if you try, but do also note that these horoscope-based seduction tips could also work for ... Read More »

How to Seduce a Man

Some women won’t even think of approaching a guy they like, thinking that it is awkward for a woman to pursue a man. However, little do these women know that a lot of men like to be pursued, that they want the women to take the initiative. Women should not just sit back and wait for a man to stumble ... Read More »

How Compatible Are you

As there are bad signs, so are positive signals that would make you go further into a relationship with someone. If the following signs happen on your date, then you may consider exploring the possibility of a romantic relationship with your date. Affection and attention Someone who displays genuine affection is definitely a keeper. That includes everyday niceties, from opening ... Read More »

How to Date Safely

You have found your ideal guy, but that doesn’t you should just go all out to be with him. It is best to go forth with caution. Dating is like an unknown road every time you travel on it. No matter how many times you have dated, it always leads to different possibilities and different paths. Consider these following tips ... Read More »

Nice Things To Do For Him

There are amazing nice things that you can do for the man in your life to let him know how much he means to you. This is all about concerning for his personality and hobbies to demonstrate that you care about him. Surprise your man with these thoughtful and tailored gestures. Have his car professionally detailed Many men take pride ... Read More »

What Do Men Want

Women have wondered what do men want in a woman? Was is really all about blond hair and big breasts? Well, not all the time. However, focusing too much on the physical will only get you accepted on the surface level. A little more inch on your waist, and your man may search for a new girl. In order to ... Read More »

Things That Turn Men Off

In contrast to knowing what men want, you should also be aware of what qualities that makes men turn-off towards women. Avoid the following circumstances: Getting drunk – The society may accept men getting drunk, but not women. Looking at it, drunk women are not sexy. Discussing your health problems – Most men have no idea how your body works, ... Read More »

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