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First Date Ideas

In dating, the first few dates should be the most enjoyable because this is where you are building that first impression. An element of surprise When inviting your date for a second date, don’t tell him or her where you are going. Instead, try blindfolding your partner until you reach the surprise destination, such as a picnic laid out for ... Read More »

How to French Kiss

When you’re ready to French kiss, lean toward your date with your head tilted slightly to avoid bumping noses. Men may put wrap their arms around a date’s waist; women may wrap their arms around a date’s neck. Make eye contact as you lean toward one another but close your eyes as the lips meet. Inadvertent eye-contact mid-kiss can be ... Read More »

How To French Kiss

Kissing is not a science, but there sure is a way of doing it. If you and your partner are beginning to explore each other’s sexuality for the first time, the first kisses may look awkward. But with these simple tips, you can give your partner mind-blowing French kisses in no time. Start with a few pecks – Begin your kissing session ... Read More »

Myths About Masturbation

Through the years, sexual awareness is one aspect of human life that has been repressed by mainstream society, making it seem that sex is an evil deed when it is not. After all, sex between a man and a woman creates life, right? Such awareness begins with the development of the reproductive organs during adolescence, and one activity that people do is ... Read More »

Things To Do On First Date

If you get yourself a first date—especially from someone you knew before—the first thing that you should consider is how to make it so good that you date would want to see you on a second date. However, it doesn’t take too much stress to prepare about it. Remember that a date is all about knowing the other person better ... Read More »

Cheap Date Ideas

With a little resourcefulness and imagination, you can plan dates that are fun yet very inexpensive. After all, you do not need to dine at a formal restaurant, watch a musical, or attend a concert if you and your date has a connection and chemistry towards each other. Here are our suggested activities that would impress your date even if ... Read More »

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