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Dating 101: Developing Chemistry

Dating takes work and preparation in order to be a success. You need to prepare yourself from head to foot, not to mention readying conversation topics, questions to ask and possible activities to do. The purpose of why you are doing this is not just to create a good impression but also to develop some chemistry once you meet your ... Read More »

First Date Safety Tips

First dates tend to feel exciting for some people. But it can also be worrying. People always expect to have a fun, if not constructive, first date. No one wants to have a traumatic experience for a first date. Safety should always be your first concern. Here are some first date safety tips that you should try to heed. Look ... Read More »

Dating And Courtship In The Old Days

Dating and courtship practices have changed over the years. The ritual of man and woman looking for romance is different today from what was the norm before. That is why young people today cannot seem to relate when parents share how they dated during their time. It really has changed that much. And so, to give you some interesting tidbits ... Read More »

Dating The Smart Way

Whenever people go out on a date, they usually wear their hearts on their sleeves. They always have this assumption that love will finally be within their grasp. For a first date, this may be taking things too seriously. Instead of having romantic delusions on a first date, try to be smarter instead. You will not always be entirely sure ... Read More »

First Date Success Tips

Dating is the perfect way to know someone to start a new relationship. Whether it ends up as a friendly date, a potential romance, or otherwise, dating usually starts it all off. Avoid Negativity One of the common put downs in a first date is a person with a negative vibe. If you are going on a first date, make ... Read More »

Staying Safe During Dating

A disturbing news was recently reported in Fresno, California, as a 49-year-old man from Clovis got robbed by a female he was supposed to meet after an online date. The 49-year-old victim, who was unidentified in the report, told police officers on January 31 that he met a 22-year-old woman through a dating site and agreed to meet her along ... Read More »

Dating Younger Men

Many women have varied preferences when it comes to dating. Some may prefer a date with someone of the same age. Some prefer dating someone who is older. And then there’s the more interesting group of women who prefer dating younger men. In dating, just like in many other aspects of life, people have developed a preconceived notion that somehow ... Read More »

Tech Dating Mistakes To Avoid

Technology and dating seems to be two different things. But in today’s world, both will usually see themselves going together, especially in a relationship between two tech savvy individuals. While technology can be used to help improve the dating experience, certain mistakes can also help ruin it. Here are some of the most common tech dating mistakes to avoid. Calling ... Read More »

Good Things and Red Flags for the First Date

Appearance—if the person didn’t make an effort to look nice and attractive for the first date, then it’s an indicator of how that person is, and it’s probably only going to get worse as time goes on. Sense of humor—someone who can laugh at a joke or laugh at him/herself. No one wants someone who is so serious about life. ... Read More »

First Date Conversations

1. Future Goals and Dreams Asking about future dreams and goals is a great way to get a conversation moving and at the same time uncover a great deal of information about potential compatibility. After discovering that his dream of working a hotdog stand in the winter to fund his surfing habits in the summer may in fact be extremely ... Read More »

17 Cheap Dates Men Actually Like

A little help with shopping. For us. Because we trust you. A free concert. Because if you’re willing to stand on line for the first hour, we know you care. The best pizza place in town. Ditto Four days in the mountains. Because no Wi-Fi. A road trip A bike ride Here is a list of the ones that I ... Read More »

Topics Better Left Unmentioned On The First Date

Financial topics Not getting along with your ex Your strange family How your date compares to your ex I hope everyone can see that these are a no brainer  when it comes to topics that should not be mentioned on the first date! Look, first dates should be easy and carefree, talk about topics that are more neutral and carefree. ... Read More »

6 Questions That Go Through His Head Before He Asks You Out

The usual rules I’ve put on myself hold true for the first-date process: Don’t look too eager Don’t look psycho Do look confident …and the toughest one: Look aloof, but look like I care How long do I wait to actually ask her out? Great. I have her number, but should I call or text? I’m the one who suggested ... Read More »

Do you know why you are single?

Do you know why you are single or why you keep getting into the same type of relationships? Take the time to analyze yourself and also get some input from  the people who are close to you. I found this to be so important and I began to ask myself what my problem was. I found that I was only ... Read More »

First Date Dos and Don’ts

Do 1.Be Positive 2.Act interested 3.Be Calm and Collected 4. Have Fresh Breath Most importantly Be confident – Confidence says a lot about a person. Being more confident will help you get through that first date with ease. Be yourself – You won’t fool anyone by pretending to be so Read More »

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