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First Date Questions To Ask

When going out on a first date, most of the questions asked may be those that will help you know your date better. Try to steer clear of sensitive questions or those that may be quite difficult to answer. Here are some ideal questions to ask to help you understand your date more. What do you do for a living? ... Read More »

Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Date

You finally get to meet someone on a date. You realize that you need to make the perfect atmosphere for this important event. It is your first date back in a long while. You need to avoid making any mistake this time. Here are some of the common ones to avoid. Tardiness It is important that you get to the ... Read More »

Common Dating Mistakes

Going on a date can be nerve wracking for some people. Some go out of their way to make everything perfect. But there are times when people make some disastrous dating mistakes that can get in the way of a potential romantic relationship. Here are some of them. Too High Expectations Some people may have very high expectations of any ... Read More »

Handling Awkward Dating Situations

There are certain instances when your date may not actually be going well. There are instances where you can find yourself in an awkward position. Here are some examples and how to effectively handle them. Paying The Bill There are times when going on a dinner date becomes awkward by the time the bill comes. Most of the time, the ... Read More »

Reasons Why You’re Still Not A Date Magnet

You have been through many dates already. But after that first meeting, you realize that most of them do not bother to call you or express that they would like to see you again. You begin to think that there must be something wrong, and you’re it. In a way, you might be right about it. There are some things ... Read More »

Dating Tips For The Shrinking Violet

Dating is not easy for everyone, especially for shy people. Shyness and social anxiety may be a disadvantage for people who will like to start dating but have problems approaching people. But with the right motivation and guidance, there is no reason why shy people cannot go on dates. Start with a positive attitude. More often than not, shy people ... Read More »

Choosing The Ideal First Date Location

First dates are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. But many people seem to take it way too seriously because of the many things that come with dating. Some people already are dreaming about love, romance and happiness even before the first date. But it is always wrong to expect a first date to be more than just a casual ... Read More »

Common Dating Pitfalls

People expect fireworks and excitement when they go out on a date. They always expect to meet their future life partner. High expectations can sometimes be a big mistake. Instead of a casual getting-to-know-each-other date, it takes on a more serious tone sometimes that it can scare of your potential dream partner. So instead of knowing each other better, the ... Read More »

Dating Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are single and working in your own company, juggling between finding a relationship and making profit can be stressful. Either you let your work take over your personal life and you end up single among your peers or, worse, prioritize your romantic relationship over your company’s sake. In order to become a happy and successful entrepreneur, balancing your ... Read More »

Making A Good Impression On A First Date

For guys, a first date can end up in two ways- either memorable or forgetful. How you prepare yourself for it will help determine the outcome. If you wish to make a good impression on a first date, try to remember these tips. Show up on a date early. If you like to make a good first impression to a ... Read More »

Important Rules For the First Date

Having a first date is an exciting and fun proposition for many people. It allows them to get to know someone who might just be that potential partner for life. If not, then it will still be a fun experience, as long as it is planned thoroughly to keep both participants on the date feel the same way. The location ... Read More »

Dating Safety For College Students

When it comes to dating, the young people always seem to get the most fun out of it. But as they get older, such activities become serious. By the time they get to college, dating no longer seems to be as carefree as they were before. There are now concerns regarding safety being put into play. Dating safety for college ... Read More »

Good Body Language On Your First Date

It may not be a spoken rule, but body language tells other people a lot about you. On a first date, it can send signals to your date whether you are interested or not. If you are interested in your date and wish to make a good impression on a first date, then you should try to show it with ... Read More »

Getting Ready To Date Again

Getting ready to date again after the breakup of a previous relationship can be quite hard for many people. There are certain experiences that people just would not want to go over again. It causes them to have doubts about whether to start another relationship by dating again. But before you get into the dating scene once again, here are ... Read More »

Dating Types to Avoid

When it comes to dating, searching for that perfect date is not always possible. There are times when a date may not be the one you are looking for. Before you ever commit to meeting up and getting to know someone on a date, here are certain types of people that you would need to avoid at all costs. The ... Read More »

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