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Great Advice

Live In The Now Whatever your relationship status is at the moment remember there are pluses and minuses. Not every married/attached person is happy and not every single/free person is unhappy. There will always be some people that will want to swap places! There is joy to be had in being single as well as being attached. If you decided ... Read More »

5 Tips for Dating, Again

1. Falling in love with love. – Make sure that you are not falling in love with LOVE, some people tend to do this if they have been single for too long or have a fear of being alone. 2. Keep your eyes open.- Always keep your eyes open. Remember that love can happen anytime and you never know when ... Read More »


Here is a hilarious video on Bad Dates! Everyone needs to get some of her attitude in dealing with a bad date. The fact is everyone will go on at least one bad date. So always be prepared for a back up plan. Here are my rules for first dates. 1. Always meet in a public place 2. Have a ... Read More »

5 Power-Packed Dating Strategies

It’s all in the eyes In her book, How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You, author Leil Lowndes claims that the act of staring into someone’s eyes can cause their nervous system to release a chemical called phenylethylamine (or PEA for short) which our bodies secrete when we fall in love. Studies show that gazing into your date’s ... Read More »

10 tips for a first date

Leave your emotional baggage at home If you have a huge line in exes, a past addiction to therapy and you still can’t forgive your Dad for missing your sports’ day when you were five, keep it to yourself on your first date. Too much emotional baggage, too soon, is never attractive. If you end up in a relationship – ... Read More »

Choosing Your First Date Location

It does not really take rocket science to create a perfect first date. All it takes is a comfortable and enjoyable date done in a stress-free setting. When you have a hard time finding an ideal location for your first date, here are some suggestions. Find somewhere affordable First dates are simply about getting to know someone better, not about ... Read More »

How to Dress Up for a Date

First impressions last. Or so they say. But while first impressions are not enough to sustain a lifelong relationship, they should at least create enough impact on your dream date – enough to get him to ask you for a second dream date at least. Part of making a good first impression is to look your best. Fortunately there are ... Read More »

Be Yourself When Dating

When trying to hook up with someone, it is normal for us to get nervous, and even resort to doing crazy things. But when we are trying to impress someone, which is more advisable? To be ourselves or put up an act? Putting up an act Some people would argue that they are not really putting up an act. They ... Read More »

Cheap Holiday Gifts for Your Date

With the end of this economy crunch seem to be far in sight, cutting back on expenses can be your answer to get through the hard times. However, if you are spending the holiday season with a new date, you should still give a good impression on your date so you do not end up being called a Scrooge. And ... Read More »

Dating British Men

Many women around the world yearn for Englishmen. Women just adore their cute accent, exotic customs, polite behavior, and their notoriety for making even the blandest remarks sound like brilliant witticisms. Dating a British guy takes some adjustment. Here are some tips that might help you when going out with a British man. Be yourself British gentlemen are stereotyped as ... Read More »

College Dating Safety Tips

They say that college is the time when students receive a lot of freedoms, giving them a feeling that they can do whatever they want.  This includes dating as much as possible.  However, you can never be sure if this seemingly innocent date may turn into a security disaster if you are not able to spot different red flags.  Here ... Read More »

Tips to Dating With a Disability

Dating a disabled person can be difficult. This is because of the fact that some of those can be insecure when it comes to engaging in this kind of activity. That is why there are those who prefer to date via the Internet on an online chat. When you are aware that you are dating someone online, give them time ... Read More »

Tips for Dating Older Person

As cliché as it may sound the saying age doesn’t matter is definitely true. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes are just a few of the many couple whose ages are far from each other. But nonetheless, they all have very fruitful relationships. Young people say maturity is not measured by age but by experience and ... Read More »

Is Your Date Attracted to You?

Most of the time, people spend our dating thinking whether the other person likes them. You would often check for signs, but sadly they end up as false alarms. Your date may be smiling up to the ears, has the initiative to know more about you, and would not mind listening to your points of view, but deep inside your ... Read More »

Dating Over 50

As single people get older, they might find that their dating chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer. But in an age where people finding themselves living single even at the age of fifty, some changes are coming. Unlike before, dating for people over fifty have become increasingly more common, especially with the rise in divorce rates and separations. In getting ... Read More »

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