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Tips On Becoming More Seductive For Shy Daters

The art of seduction is always present in a date. Both people with obvious compatibility will always try to keep that attraction level up and alive, usually on the second or third date. For those who do not see each other as compatible, the seduction game is non-existent. Sometimes, being seductive can be very difficult for some people, especially women ... Read More »

Seduction Tips That Always Work

In the game of love, seduction is a tool that many women use to their advantage. Attraction develops when a woman knows how to capture the eyes and heart of the man. It is not just by looks alone that women try to men fall in love. Being seductive also plays a big part. Here are some seduction tips for ... Read More »

Preparing To Master The Art of Seduction

Finding love is difficult. Some people try too hard just to attract the opposite sex. No matter what they do, they just seem to fail at the task. The problem is not whether you are ordinary, not too good looking, chubby or any other reason. There are others who may be in the same situation but have better chances with ... Read More »

Surprising Facts About Attraction

Finding a potential date in a crowd of strangers goes beyond the ice breakers and pickup lines.  You can also use the laws of science in making a guy to get attracted to you! Choose the right scents Forget about designer perfumes.  Choose scents with hints of lavender and pumpkin.  According to Chicago’s Smell and Taste Research Foundation, men go ... Read More »

Decoding His Body Language at First Sight

One fine day while minding you own business, you find yourself spotting a guy whom you are attracted to.  He sees you noticing him and you wonder if he likes you, too.  Actually, his subtle body language gives you an idea the attraction is mutual.  Here are some tell-tale signs. He stares at you One of the easiest signs of ... Read More »

The Effect of Alcohol on Rating of Attractiveness

Many dating couples are grateful of the alcohol for giving them that boost of confidence in order to ask someone out and even for giving that special oomph when it comes to sex.  For others, alcohol could be a buzz killer, leaving one or both partners too drunk to even cuddle. But recent study shows that there is more to ... Read More »

How to Flirt Using Body Language

There is absolutely nothing wrong with flirting, since we all try our best to attract our partners. Flirting not only comes in the form of pick-up lines, but also in the most subtle of actions. Eye contact Keeping your eye contact with your date for about more than five seconds is a fairly good flirt tactic. It shows that you ... Read More »

Best Pickup Lines

They say that using pickup lines on a date sounds cheesy, but we beg to disagree.  They only appear cheesy because it was delivered in a cheesy manner.  Pickup lines are important on a date to break the ice of silence and spark a conversation.  You need to choose a really good pickup line that does not sound tasteless and ... Read More »

Secrets of the Natural Seducers

Granted that your look could be easily passed as a Greek god/goddess, and you’re overflowing with sense of humor, and you’ve an IQ high enough that MENSA would grant you a free membership, and have a charisma that can lead a people power revolution, you still wonder what’s possibly wrong because you seem not to get the perfect lay. Yes, ... Read More »

How to Develop a Sense of Humor

A lot of girls look beyond the physical attraction in finding their ideal man. Besides, what’s the use of good looks if you can’t enjoy with the person? Sense of humor is vital in developing a great date, and eventually a great relationship. When people come across with people with a good sense of humor, people tend to feel comfortable ... Read More »

Essential Flirting Tips

In dating, being yourself is not enough. Like how animals show off towards the opposite sex during mating season, humans also tend to show certain actions to indicate that they are attracted towards another person. This is the art of flirting, and you don’t have to be a movie star-look a like to make the guys (or girls) go gaga. ... Read More »

Improve Your Self Confidence

To date successfully you need to increase your confidence levels. Some things you can change quickly, others you will need to practice. Follow these tips to increase your confidence levels: Make a list – List all the things you are not comfortable with about yourself. Be honest – Think about which things you think people may not like about you. ... Read More »

How to Flirt With a Man

First, let’s make an agreement: men are forever different from women. For instance, men are more visual than women and they respond more effectively and quickly to visual stimuli. Let’s apply that to romance. Men are attracted to the physical aspects of women, but you don’t have to be super-pretty just to catch their attention. Just follow our suggestions and ... Read More »

How to Flirt with a Woman

Men will always view the woman as a mystery; a code that needs to be cracked. That is why flirting with a woman can be a little tricky, as they tend to have moods that we may never understand. The art of flirting and seduction, as with any other skill, does not always come naturally and can be developed. With ... Read More »

How To Make Yourself Attractive

Being attractive does not only come from the surface, but also from within. That inner confidence is what attracts people—no matter what clothes you wear or education you have attained—and you can develop your positivity by doing the following tips. Be relaxed – Do not stress yourself. People with a relaxed demeanor have loads of spare mental capacity to make ... Read More »

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