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Office Romance Rules To Live By

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Office dating can sometimes become a complicated matter to those involved. That is the reason why many employees try to avoid it as much as possible. But sometimes, attraction over a fellow office mate can sometimes become too overwhelming to just avoid or neglect. Some will try to go through with a romantic relationship at the office. But there are ... Read More »

Truth About Having Friends With Benefits

Nowadays, the younger generation has some very radical ideas about relationship. There are certain relationship setups that were not considered in the past but are becoming quite popular now. There are now relationships popularly known as Friends With Benefits or FWB. Although such relationships may have been kept in secret in the past, FWB relationships have recently become quite common ... Read More »

Tips for Dating A Co-Worker

Dating a co-worker has its advantages and disadvantages. For those who do, it allows you to be always near each other. You will be able to understand each other’s situations better. But then again it can also be quite risky. It might sometimes affect your work and may put you under scrutiny with your other fellow workers. In order to ... Read More »

Is Workplace Romance a Good Idea?

You’re single, he’s single, and both of you work in the same company. Is having a romantic relationship in the workplace a good idea? Experts say dating your co-worker is okay, but be forewarned about the risks. After all, your office is one of the best places to find your ideal mate, apart from online dating. A survey conducted by ... Read More »

Should You Date Your Best Friend

You have spent months, even years, being together as the best of buddies, but deep inside you know your feelings for your best friend is becoming more romantic than platonic.  You want to tell your friend that you would like to take the relationship into a different level.  The problem, however, is how you friend would react. Dating your best ... Read More »

The Ethics of Office Romance

Due to the demands of the corporate world as well as our desire to advance our careers, we typically spend most of our time in the office. This set-up inevitably leads us to find an intimate romantic relationship with our officemates. However, dating someone from the office is not as uncomplicated as dating someone who works elsewhere. In fact, the ... Read More »

The Role of Friends in a Loving Relationship

Friends of a couple have a role to play in their relationship. In fact, the friends can also be critical to the success of the relationship when they have their roles being actively played. They way friends help and work with the couple to nurture their relationship can also contribute to its success. The role of the couple’s friends in ... Read More »

How to Turn a Friend Into a Lover

The truth is, it’s never easy to turn a friend into a lover. It’s not just rare, sometimes it’s extremely difficult because turning things into a higher level could lead to losing the romantics and worse, even the friendship. The process of turning a friend into a lover isn’t instant and shouldn’t be done in a hurry. Although it’s much ... Read More »

How to Stop Dating a Friend

You might see yourself at a very compromising situation in some point in your life that may involve a friend from the opposite sex. There are times when friends become more than just friends. Friends that begin dating and eventually enter into a relationship that is a step above the usual can be very tricky indeed. With more intimacy and ... Read More »

Dating a Friend

The idea of dating a friend can be a very sensitive issue, depending on one’s perspective. Therefore it should be taken with a little measure of care and thought, especially if it is a long time friend that considers you as someone easy to get along with. If you feel something more than just being friends with her, or him ... Read More »

How to Make Your Guy Friend Want to Date You

You have a male friend that you really like, but the problem is that he looks to you more as a little sister or a best friend. More often than not, if you ask him for a date he would laugh at you. In theory, being pals with a guy and letting him get to know you should make him ... Read More »

How to Make Your Girl Friend Want to Date You

You are attracted to a gal friend but you feel shy about asking her out. Like in any dating situation, it might end up in a rejection. But it’s better to take risks, right? Here’s how to treat your female companion if you are interested in pursuing her. Don’t ask too many questions – Asking too much personal questions on ... Read More »

Dealing With an Office Romance

The office can be a great venue for romance, no matter how risky or stressful it may be. The advantage of this is that you meet your officemate on an almost daily basis. Let’s say your office has one hot lady that you like to go out with. How are you supposed to hitch her? Follow our friendly suggestions. Do ... Read More »

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