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Finding More Dates At Parties

Dating is all about making connections. The ones who are more socially active usually get more dates. It all depends on your approach. Parties make a good opportunity to look for potential dates. Here are some tips to meet people and possible dates at parties. Try going to parties alone. Going alone at a party will give you more chances ... Read More »

Tips For Meeting Someone You Like

Dating may not be for everyone, or so they think. Some may only feel that they are not good in the dating game is because of how they think about themselves. Many people find it difficult trying to meet someone. To say that they are shy when approaching someone is not all there is to it. Sometimes, all that is ... Read More »

Top Body Language Signals To Look Out For

Dating is an art that people need to master. It can even be compared to a game at some point. There is always this need to know about the intentions of the other. People on a date usually would like to find out if there is any attraction or any other feelings involved in between. Of course, both parties will ... Read More »

Top Reasons Why Women Reject Men

In the dating game, women usually have the last say in relationships. It is either they accept or reject someone they are dating. When it comes to rejections, here are some of the top reasons that women usually have with regards to turning down their date. Not Interested Some men get rejected because some women are just not interested. It ... Read More »

Tips For Meeting Women

For most men, it is not easy to meet up with the opposite sex. They are at the right environment with lots of women milling around. They spot someone they like, and yet cannot muster the courage to approach and introduce themselves. Some men have this skill while a lot more does not. But that does not always mean that ... Read More »

Finding The Perfect Time To Meet In Person After Dating Online

Online dating has become a popular pastime for many people trying to find relationships. Finding someone on the various online dating sites can widen a person’s reach of finding his or her ideal someone. But there are also other things that people who date online need to consider, such as when they finally decide when to meet in person. Deciding ... Read More »

Approach People Like A Professional

When it comes to dating, you should always take the upper hand. If you wait for someone to approach you, then you sometimes have to wait forever. You will have better chances if you approach people first. But for most people, it is a challenge to always meet up with people in a personal manner. Here are some tips to ... Read More »

Myths That Prevent You From Meeting Someone

Some people yearn to establish a relationship with that special someone. All it takes is to make that first meeting with an ideal person. But there are many instances where some people may be prevented from doing that. One main problem is that some people may have personal myths that prevent them from meeting other people, possibly that future special ... Read More »

Dating After 50- The Benefits

When you think about dating, you usually expect younger adults to be in the mix. But dating has evolved over time to include more and more mature singles. There are now more men and women over 50 who are still single that frequent the dating scene. It is a normal thing nowadays. The way relationships exist now, we find more ... Read More »

Reasons Women Date Older Men

Age seems to play a big part in many relationships. In the case of women, there are those who prefer older men. Although this might not be a major preference among women, there are those who prefer men who are five to ten years older as compare to men of the same age. There are several reasons for this. Here ... Read More »

Places To Meet Singles In Your Area

If you are at the right age and situation to start a relationship, the first thing that you should do is to meet up with other singles. There are several ways available that you can try to meet up with other people. An increasing number use the Internet and visit social networks and other dating sites to meet other singles. ... Read More »

Dating Tips for Singles from Model Chrissy Teigen

Swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen has a good head on her shoulders. Not only people adore her self-effacing humor and how she is unafraid to speak her mind, she also dishes out the most honest and hilarious dating advice. Teigen, currently engaged to swoony singer John Legend, shared her wisdom in courtship to GQ while filiming her semi-naked glory for the ... Read More »

Dating Tips for Seniors from Joan Rivers

You may have noticed by now how dating tips you see online tend to cater to a younger set. People who have reached their senior age would find these tips unapplicable, sometimes even crazy, to them. And who should they turn to when asking for dating tips for seniors? Someone who can relate to them, of course! E! Online recently ... Read More »

Meeting New People at the Gym

Gym junkies not only get their bodies in shape at the gym, but they also get to meet like-bodied single people. However, it is also a place where it is easy to get turned off by overconfident beefcakes hitting on women running on treadmills or doll-faced women who are too busy primping when they should have been working out. Meeting ... Read More »

Building Your Confidence Interacting With the Opposite Sex

Not all people have the confidence to interact with the opposite sex. More often than  not, there are people who feel shy, timid and insecure when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. It is a normal occurrence that people can change with practice. It is all a matter of trying to build up self-confidence. There are many ways ... Read More »

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