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Creating Chat Room Relationships

Online dating comes in so many forms, from the traditional e-mail exchange to the more recent personal listings on local Craigslist. Another traditional online dating is done through chat rooms, wherein you meet different people from different parts of the world in real time without even leaving your house. It becomes exciting at first, however, if you are not being ... Read More »

Finding Love Through Facebook

More and more people all over the world are drawn into Facebook, a popular social networking website. Not only you could create your online profile, you could also get connected with friends and colleagues. However, some have used Facebook in other means such as finding romance. Although it is not really an online dating site, some members use Facebook to ... Read More »

Meeting People On MySpace

There are loads of what you can do with your MySpace profile from posting photos, customizing your profile background, adding graphics, and even putting on a music player. And because there are millions of MySpace users, some members use their profiles to attract potential dates. However, you need to plan carefully when designing your profile for dating purposes. Be aware ... Read More »

Create a Virtual Boyfriend

Just about everything these days has a virtual counterpart. A few years ago, it was virtual pets. Now you can create a virtual boyfriend. There are several virtual boyfriends available for you. Ranging from full computer programs to a website image, or even a mobile phone game. Make Your Own Sweetheart Developed by, this allows you to create a ... Read More »

Mobile Phone Dating

Dating or rather meeting up with people these days has once again revolutionized by the power of technology. Leave the scary web-based dating as it is so last season. The fad today is dating through SMS. Mobile dating is not for free. Yet, rest assured that its fee is very much affordable. One does not have to suffer being victimized ... Read More »

Writng to Women Online

There is no denying we are social creatures. Dating sites, online personals, social networking websites, social bulletin boards, and the like scatter the wide world of the web. You must have been into at least one within this lifetime. There would come a time though that you would hit a wall. You have been diligent in sending private messages for ... Read More »

How to Write Personal Ads

Personal ads is more than just putting your profile in print or online, it’s actually about advertising yourself. Creating a great ad means persuading others to check you out more about your strengths and attributes. Whether you are writing a personal ad or profile, either for dating sites or even social networking sites, here are some great tips that you ... Read More »

How to Evaluate Personal Ads

People who are in search for romance usually post in personal dating ads whether on print or online. These ads have been a resource for those who are also seeking compatible romance. However, we may end up frustrated after learning that the “recent picture” your date posted was taken 10 years ago. How do we evaluate personal ads? How can ... Read More »

How To Flirt Online

As with any kind of dating, communication is vital. Whether it is on a face-to-face conversation or chatting through the Internet, what you say—and what you don’t say—may make or break your chances for a successful date. Online dating opens the field for a lot of people with an opportunity to find fellow singles without the stresses and fears of ... Read More »

How to Date Online Safely

Meeting with someone through the Net can be exciting, yet at the same time dangerous. Although you get to meet different people from different places, the Internet is not enough to create trust towards another person. Before you venture into this activity, please be cautious and read our tips. Don’t give out personal information – This includes your last name, ... Read More »

Reasons Men Should Try Online Dating

Men have you never tried online dating sites? Online dating sites offers many advantages over other dating alternatives. Here is a list of just some of those benefits. Inexpensive Cost – A membership on a good online dating site is affordable and give you the opportunity to maximize your time. Learn about the person quickly – At a bar you ... Read More »

How to Prepare for Meeting Your Online Date

The Internet has changed how people meet, and that includes meeting someone for potential long-term relationships. However, meeting your online date face-to-face is like going through a blind date, even if you have exchanged e-mails and called numerous times. Read on so you would know how to improve the chances to successfully turn a virtual date into a real date. ... Read More »

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