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Four Date Types To Avoid

Dating guys may both be exciting and scary at the same time. It can be exciting when you want to meet up and get to know men personally. But it can also be a concern at a certain level because you do not really know the type of man you are really dating. Before you start meeting up with men, ... Read More »

Signs Of A Dominating Guy

The idea of getting into a relationship with a guy is to enjoy each other’s company and be happy together. But it can also be easy for women to become trapped in a relationship if they are not careful. They may end up having a domineering boyfriend. While some women may like the idea of a boyfriend who leads, a ... Read More »

Reasons Why You Are Dating Mr. Wrong

Many women have problems in trying to find the right relationship. Although they start out trying to find Mr. Right, they end up going out with the wrong person. Having the best intentions do not always result in a happy ending when it comes to building relationships. If dating the wrong person has happened to you more than just once, ... Read More »

The Advantage Of Being Direct On A First Date

Many variables come into play when it comes to dates. They may either benefit or become the reasons for rejection. But what you would not want to experience during a meeting with someone you particularly like is confusion. Some people may become confused when it comes to establishing a date. Other people may not consider calling it a date the ... Read More »

The Wrong Reasons For Building A Relationship

Some women may just consider a date as a way to meet up with guys. Some are more serious, trying to find Mr. Right. While the first stages of dating someone may be considered as a casual meeting or introduction between two people, the search for the ideal partner may already be on its early phase. There comes a time ... Read More »

Simple Tips To Make Dating Count

Most people go on dates in order to meet someone who they can start a relationship with. But many times, people forget to focus on what is important. They tend to connect with people and start a relationship that is actually doomed for disaster. Here are some simple tips that may help you re-establish some focus when you go out ... Read More »

Signs Your Date Is Interested In You

Attraction is one of the important things that men want to know when dating women. Men would really want to know if the woman is even remotely interested in them, even on that first meeting. Although women may not likely to say it out loud, there are other ways men can find out through non-verbal cues and body language. Here ... Read More »

Tips to Prevent First Date Anxiety

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking for many people. It is that first date anxiety that can sometimes ruin it. Here are some tips that will help you deal with those first date jitters and relax more. Stop being someone else. In an effort to impress, some people will try to be someone that they think a date ... Read More »

Top Traits Women Look For In Men

People have certain ideals when looking out for a relationship. There are certain traits they want to find in an ideal partner. When it comes to women, here are the top traits that they usually look for in men. This was based on two polls conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and Best Life Magazine. The polls were composed of 1,000 ... Read More »

Top Body Language Signals To Look Out For

Dating is an art that people need to master. It can even be compared to a game at some point. There is always this need to know about the intentions of the other. People on a date usually would like to find out if there is any attraction or any other feelings involved in between. Of course, both parties will ... Read More »

Top Reasons Why Women Reject Men

In the dating game, women usually have the last say in relationships. It is either they accept or reject someone they are dating. When it comes to rejections, here are some of the top reasons that women usually have with regards to turning down their date. Not Interested Some men get rejected because some women are just not interested. It ... Read More »

Basics Of Non-Verbal Communication During Dates

Communication is important in many aspects of life. When it comes to dating, communication is the key in terms of connecting with the opposite sex. Non-verbal communication also plays an important role in the dating game. It helps you to decipher what your date may not be saying. Having a better understanding of non-verbal cues can also help give you ... Read More »

Handling Rejection When Dating

Seeking out a relationship is not always easy. You go on dates with the hopes of meeting the “Right One”. But many times, it does not end up as one might expect. Some rejections are bound to happen. It is not a good feeling being rejected. But it happens and you need to handle it well despite the unfortunate circumstances. ... Read More »

Dating Tips To Consider When Searching For Love

Dating for most people is all about trying to find love and romance, if not for companionship.  It is trying to find someone who one can relate with, share and create memorable experiences with as well. For people who date and searching for love, here are some important tips to bear in mind. Be honest of who you are. When ... Read More »

Impressing Women On A First Date

There are many ways that a man can impress a woman on a first date. It always takes some time and effort to achieve. The man only needs to make the right moves to impress women. It doesn’t always depend on looks and money all of the time. Here are some tips that are very effective in trying to impress ... Read More »

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