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Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

People can sometimes be in abusive relationships and not be aware of it. Teens are especially more prone to be in such a situation, especially in their early foray into love and romantic relationships. They may not yet develop that level of maturity to help them determine whether they are in good or bad relationships. There are signs that teens ... Read More »

Tips For Making Good Conversation During First Dates

One of the challenges that people have on first dates is making good conversation. Considering that it is the first meeting and a getting-to-know-you phase, some people fear that they may not have a lot to talk about. Instead of worrying about the conversation, try to prepare ahead of time by keeping the following tips in mind. Remember that you ... Read More »

Teens: What To Do If Parents Do Not Approve Of Your Relationship

One of the more exciting events in a teenager’s life is when they get into their first boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. But frustration can creep in if some parents find out about it and do not give their approval. A mixture of emotions can come out in reaction to the displeasure. But before you get to air your rebellious side, here are ... Read More »

Dealing With Heartbreaks

Everyone who has been into a relationship has experienced a break-up. It is definitely kind of hard to deal with, most particularly if the relationship you have been in is serious. You tend to be cathartic most of the time. In this article you will know ways on how to deal with break-ups and what is it all about. Read ... Read More »

What Is Statutory Rape?

Remember Mary Kay Letourneau, the famous former schoolteacher who had a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student and who gave birth to two children fathered by the same boy? This high profile case has been one of the faces of statutory rape in the United States. What is statutory rape? Statutory rape happens when an adult engages in sex with ... Read More »

Date Rape: Protecting Yourself from Danger

Date rape is the term used for non-consensual sexual activity between two individuals who know each other previously. The unwanted action happens during seemingly normal or regular interaction between the individuals, such as a date, when one individual forcibly initiates the act. There is no single method used by the perpetrators of date rape to assail their victims, but they ... Read More »

How To Prevent Date Rape

Most people think that rapists are strangers. The scary part is that about half of rape victims know who attacked them – boyfriends, dates, etc. The good news is, date rapes can be prevented. Preventing date rapes Do not get drunk at parties. Alcohol makes you behave differently. It decreases awareness and lessens inhibitions. It is wisest to stay sober ... Read More »

How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

It has been reported that 1 in 11 high school students are being physically hurt or abused by a date or boyfriend. But how can you tell if you are being abused? What Is Abuse? Abuse can take on several forms. There’s physical abuse. There’s emotional and verbal abuse. And lastly, there’s sexual abuse. People sometimes mistake abuse for intense ... Read More »

Teenage Dating and Statutory Rape

When your teenager wants to start dating This issue has always been a stressful topic. Simply because parents want their children to be safe and because they children will always be their parents babies. Here are some tips to help you remain sane during this trying phase. More than age If your neighbors are letting their kids (same age as ... Read More »

Learning To Say No

Teens have difficulty in learning to say "no". They just can’t seem to decline some things that they know would be against their will. And in can come in various situations. Friends trying out drugs can invite another teen to join them. Peer pressure would win out most of the time, just because a teenager does not know how to ... Read More »

Teen: Signs That a Friend is Being Abused

Abuse in relationships can affect not only the two people on it, but also those that surround them. Friends can also be greatly affected if their friend is in an abusive relationship. But most would not do anything for fear of interfering. It would be big a mistake for friends to just let it be. There are times when friends ... Read More »

Teen and Abusive Relationships

As teens grow, they begin to get into relationships with the opposite sex their age. They start on understanding and experiencing first hand how such relationships work. But along the way, they might find themselves in an abusive relationship. Unfortunately, their relative inexperience in this area eventually lead some teens to believe that this might be normal. It is important ... Read More »

Getting Over a Breakup

If breaking up is hard to do, much more is getting over one. With all of those memories turning into unwanted baggage, one would need to be extra jaded or plain numb not to feel anything. Admittedly, it is difficult to say when you have gotten over a relationship. Sometimes you feel as though you are already completely free from ... Read More »

Coping with Cliques

Everybody goes through the rough and unpredictable teenage years. And in those times we encounter cliques. Cliques are groups that basically define, if not stereotype, the people that belong to that cluster of individuals. This is their way of coping while they are still looking for their identity and unique personality. Through cliques, we get to be who want to ... Read More »

When Your Parents Don't Like Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

They always say that mother (or father) knows best, but does that include your choice of boyfriend or girlfriend? You they have a right to meddle with your love life, or you need to listen to their opinion about their impression towards your partner. Let’s evaluate your situation… Ask your parents why they don’t like your boyfriend or girlfriend – ... Read More »

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