Why Men Won't Commit

man happyThere are plenty of women who are seeking love, and on the top of their checklist is that the man they want "should be able to commit".

In other words, the man should be able to spend the rest of his life with her, through any circumstances. Sadly, in their point of view, they can’t find any. For them, a lot of man "can’t commit".

It is true that a lot of men have a difficulty of commit, but not because they cannot, rather because they avoid commitment.

Women think that men avoid commitment because it is an intimacy problem. They think that men are afraid of getting married, and therefore avoid being intimate with a woman.

Women have different theories about it, either because men can get sex without marriage more easily, or that they avoid the financial risks of divorce, or they are afraid of compromises, or they want to enjoy their single life as much as they can.

But in a man’s point of view, men avoid commitment because they anticipate the pain in their relationship. A success coach once said that people will do more to avoid pain than to seek pleasure. If a man believes the anticipated pain would exceed the pleasure he would feel towards a woman, he want nothing from that commitment.

Furthermore, with the negative notions being thrown against men by the media-wherein women are always the victims and men are the brutes, or that smart women should be the ones hitting their stupid men-they would rather remain bachelors.


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