POLL: Sex in a Relationship, When Should It Happen?

How long do you date the same person before you have sex?

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  1. Sex in relationship when should it happen…,there could be many answers to that question looking from different angles and depending on people’s believe and even religion. If the question is “when we think is right to have sex in relationship” then almost every body knows it is after marriage…but only few endure to that end. The rest, they take it when they can while very few waits until it feels safe.

  2. I didn’t thins question was worded that well. I chose after 5 dates but only because the next possible answer in the timeline was a year. In actual fact for me it would be after 2 months (meeting the person 2/3 times per week during those 2 months). So although it appears that most people survey would have sex within 5 dates, the reality may be very different and this detracts from the quality of the statistics produced.

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