Dealing with a Boyfriend Who is Mama's Boy

Your boyfriend is handsome, smart, sweet, funny and kind. He’s perfect. Except he’s a mama’s boy.

His mama’s-boy-ness can get annoying when it comes spewing out during conversations, petty fights, etc.

But there’s a healthy way to deal with it than to force him to "break it off"(so to speak) with his mom.


Accept that your boyfriend will always be a mama’s boy and that’s never going to change. What you can do is to try to go with it, instead of fighting it.

Befriend his mom

Make friends with his mom. Instead of seeing her as a rival (for your boyfriend’s attention and affection and for being the one you’ll never live up to be), see her as an ally. Chat with her when she calls your boyfriend a dozen times a day.

Go over your boyfriend’s baby pictures (try to ignore the oohs and aahs). Send her cards on her birthday. Also, try to ‘bond’ with her by spending some one-on-one time with her.

Take advantage of the situation

There’s a plus side to having a mama’s boy for a boyfriend. Whenever your boyfriend complains about his huge pile of laundry, about not having something good to eat or about money, send him to his mommy. She’s sure to do it for him.

Ignore his "my mama is a golden goddess" remarks

During fights, conversations or meals, try to ignore his remarks ("you’ll never be as good as my mother" or "you don’t cook as well as my mom" or "you don’t housekeep as well as my mom") when he sings his mama’s praises.

Don’t start acting like his mom

Don’t lose yourself in this kind of situation. You don’t need to start acting like his mom or cook meals the way she does. Don’t forget you are your own wonderful self. That’s why he fell in love with you in the first place, right?


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