Interesting Relationship Tips For Stopping Fights

Interesting Relationship Tips For Stopping Fights

It may be normal for couples to get into arguments at one time or another. But sometimes it can get out of hand. In turns into a shouting match and becomes a fight. With the emotions at a high, it can be easy for couples to turn a simple matter into something big. It helps if couples learn how to stop conflict before it gets worse. Here are some of the more interesting tricks on how to do it.

Use a code word to stop fighting.

Whenever an argument gets out of hand, it helps to have a way to stop it. One good advice is for couples to make up a code word that can tell them that the argument may be going out of control. It can be any word that only the couple will know, the funnier the better. The next time each partner feels that an argument is getting worse, just say the code word and stop. Although it might take some practice to do, it can help put a stop to fights before they get even worse.

Suggest eating something.

There are times when arguments start to get out of hand because of hunger. It can cause the blood sugar levels to go down, which can cause some people to get cranky and sensitive. When couples get into an argument that is getting worse and which may be attributed to hunger, trying to suggest eating may help tone down the emotions. It can also help bring blood sugar to more normal levels. While any snack will do, eating fruits is suggested, since they contain natural ingredients and are fast-acting.

Act silly to break the emotional situation.

One effective way to stop fights is if you introduce laughter into the situation. Acting silly can help break up the emotional tension very fast. When couples feel that their argument is going out of hand, making funny faces or acting silly can be a trigger for laughter that will stop fighting right then and there.

Have a pet to mediate.

If you are pet lovers, you can also use them as a silent mediator to cool things off. If you are getting into an argument, have your pet always nearby. A pet dog can sense your fight and will try to get between to stop the shouting match. Having a pet around to cuddle with can sometimes help couples forget about fighting and let the situation simmer down before talking again.


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