Reasons Why You Are In Bad Relationships

Reasons Why You Are In Bad Relationships

People love the idea of being in a long and successful relationship with a compatible partner. But in reality, it may be harder to get into such a perfect relationship. Under unfortunate circumstances, some may even find themselves getting from one bad relationship to another. It can sometimes become a cycle. Here are some possible reasons why.

You always date people you are not compatible with.

There are people that you like and do not like to date. Everyone always have certain preferences when choosing the type of person to get into a relationship with. There are times when certain preferences end up not being compatible with your own personality. That is why even if it is your dream date, the relationship can end up not working out. But there are times when a person tries to do the same thing over and over again, wishing to get a different result. Hence, some people end up getting into a string of bad relationships.

You fear being alone.

One common reason why people get into one bad relationship after another is because of fear. The fear of being alone can cause one to get into just any relationship available. When one relationship ends, they cannot wait to start another one. This can become a vicious cycle of a bad relationship after another. There are times when you really need to give it a rest. If you do not like to be alone, try spending more time with friends or family instead.

You become the “martyr” in the relationship.

While you need to work in order to keep a relationship going, prolonging a bad relationship is not right. There are people who still work to stay in a relationship even if their partners abuse and mistreat them. They feel that it is normal to bear the hurt and to sacrifice just to keep the relationship going. But that is the worst thing anyone can do. A true relationship does not have room for mistreatment and abuse. It is a bad relationship and it needs to end if one partner suffers through it.


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