10 Sexting Terms You Need to Know

10 Sexting Terms You Need to Know

When you’re ready to let your fingers do the foreplay, try these 10 sexting terms on for size.

1. TDTM — Talk Dirty To Me

2. IWSN — I Want Sex Now

3. IF — In the Front, which means IB — In the Back

4. GYPO — Get Your Pants Off

5. GNOC — Get Naked On Camera

6. 8 — Oral Sex

7. PRON — Porn

8. NIFOC — Nude In Front Of Computer

9. Q2C — Quick To Cum

10. FB — F*** Buddy

Sexting is not just for teenagers and if you embrace it, sexting will totally spice up your sex life. I think it is a great way to flirt and let your partner know just how much you think of them. I would advise if you are not in a committed relationship to forgo the sexting. Sexting is very intimate and you don’t want to get in the habit of have phone sex with just anyone! Also, make sure that you communicate with your partner that the Sext messages are for his/her eyes only.

Dating Tips and Dating Coach, Dawn Donohoo



  1. Lol. I must admit that even as a fellow dating coach, I am not familiar with all of these terms…I’m surprised that you know them all, Dawn!

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