6 Steps to Tropical Sex

couple on the beachYou and your partner want to get away for a steamy holiday this year. For you, nothing beats tropical sex, which is as hot as, well, the tropics. But demands at work prevent you to have the sensual holiday you’ve been planning for months. Don’t worry; you can still have a leisurely lovemaking by creating a sensual holiday atmosphere at home. Here’s how you can create a sizzling tropical experience and take your lovemaking to all-new heights.

Wear something sexy

Slip into something erotic that goes with the holiday atmosphere – a bikini or a beach wrap matched with a pair of strappy, slinky high-heels. Boost your body confidence by exfoliating, moisturizing, and applying some fake tan (if you want) to give you that sexy and healthy holiday radiance.

Break your routine

Cuddle, chill out, and speak tenderly to each other before making love. Don’t rush. Take your time. The objective is to change your lovemaking routine. For example, if you always make love in the bedroom, then you might want to build a comfortable love nest somewhere else, in the sitting room perhaps. Light some scented candles that smell of ylang-ylang or jasmine and play some reggae rhythms or world music for that tropical mood.

Have some erotic massage

Gently dribble aromatic coconut-scented suntan lotions onto each other’s body. Take turns to massage each other. While your partner is lying on his back, slowly glide your hips and nipples across his hips, stomach, and chest. Skin-on-skin action not only makes you feel beyond great, but it also releases oxytocin hormones that will strengthen your emotional bond.

Use sex toys

Give your partner an erotic show by stimulating yourself with a sex toy, in gentle and sensual motions. Don’t take off your bikini bottom; pull it across to allow your partner just a little peek. Men are incredibly visual animals, so your partner will get extremely aroused by the sight of you touching yourself. Then, stimulate him around his penis and testicles to increase the blood flow. Slowly stroke his trillion-dollar spot, the perineum, that skin between a man’s testicles and anus.

Get fruity

Use tropical fruits for oozing sex. Add to a tray of fruits your favorite chocolate sauce, ice cream, or fruity yoghurt. Then break apart the delicious fruits using your fingers and dip them into the sweet sauces. Feed each other mouth to mouth, brushing your lips against each other. Your partner can also run the edge of a juicy fruit around your nipples or navel and then lick off the juice.

Go for a ‘swim’

Share a candlelit bath and tease each other using a waterproof sex toy. By now, all your senses should be stimulated. After this sensual bath, you and your partner should be well on your way to the climax of your dream holiday.


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